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Few people will follow in their parents' footsteps and achieve the same level of achievement. One of the proudest moments for a parent is their kids having the same desire as theirs and achieving massive success. However, maintaining the same career for the rest of one's life without becoming bored is one of the most challenging tasks. Lambert Wilson is one of those people who followed in his father's footsteps, succeeded, and is still active as an actor.

Lambert Wilson is a French actor who began his career in 1977. Lambert has acted in numerous films and with his astounding acting skills, he has earned success in his life. Lambert is not just an actor but also a film director and singer. He is well recognized for his roles in The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, and The Matrix Resurrections as The Merovingian. He's also been nominated for a number of honors and has received the European Nastro d'Argento Award.

How Old Is Lambert Wilson?

Lambert Wilson is a French actor who was born on August 3rd, 1958, and will turn 64 in 2022. His mother Nicole Wilson and father George Wilson raised him in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. His father worked as an actor, a director of the Théâtre National Populaire, and theater management. He died on February 3, 2010, at the age of 88. On the other hand, Lambert's mother Nicole was a model who died a year before George in January 2009. Lambert has a younger brother named Jean-Marie Wilson, who is a musician.

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Lambert Wilson siblings.

As per his ethnicity, Lambert is of French ancestry and is of French-English descent. His surname, on the other hand, is derived from a paternal great-grandfather named Charles Joseph Wilson, who was born in Leicester, England. He can speak fluent English, French, and Italian. Lambert wanted to be an actor since he was a teenager and aspired to be an "American Actor" and has also performed in Hollywood films. When Lambert was a kid, his family used to drive from Paris to the South of France in a Citroen and as Lambert recalls those memories he members the scenery, he adds it was like, pastoral, like a painting by Constable.

How Much Has Lambert Wilson Studied?

Lambert had his early schooling at a decent school. He was also interested in acting and appeared in a number of programs throughout his school life. After completing a baccalaureate in France at the age of 17, he then enrolled in the Drama Center London and studied acting there.

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Prior to attending the drama school, Lambert considered his English to be very good but after he attended the class and heard Drama teachers speak too fast, he was lost. His American-style Method school experience made him realize that he was unable to understand what was being said by the Drama teachers. However, his English did get better eventually. After that, in 1977, he made his screen debut in Fred Zinneman's American picture Julia. 

Is Lambert Wilson Married?

Lambert is said to have been married for a long time, but his wife hasn't been in the spotlight. The couple was photographed by Getty Image on December 6, 2018, while attending the Threatre Play "Plaidories" at the Comedia-Theatre Libre in Paris, France. That was the only time when the internet buzzed with the news of Lambert's wife being pictured with him. However, after the incident, Lambert and his wife were not captured by any paparazzi.

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Moreover, actor Lambert Wilson is not much active on social media platforms so, it makes it more difficult for his fans to get an insight into his life behind the camera. Further, Lambert has never gushed about his romantic life in public nor has he ever spilled details of having children. 

What is Lambert Wilson Net Worth?

Wilson is a well-known actor who has acted in a number of television shows and films. According to the wiki, Lambert's recent movies Benedetta, and The Matrix Resurrections both received good reviews from the audienceSo, as per his popularity, we believe his net worth to range in generous sum and acting is his principal source of income. He has spent decades in this profession and has led a great life. As of 2022, Lambert can be seen portraying the role of Marquis de Chassagne in the drama film "Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris".

Lambert Wilson

How Tall Is Lambert?

Lambert is currently 63 years old but looks very younger than his age. He stands at the height of 6 feet and 2 inches tall and he weighs around 86 kg. He has short grey hair. He has brown beautiful eyes which can mesmerize people. He has a beautiful smile. He has a handsome face and a fit body which compliments his perfect physique. 

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