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Luke Eisner (Photo Source: Luke's Instagram)

Are you a crazy fan of movies, series, dramas, etc., and have difficulty shuffling all these simultaneously? Well, any movies fan can relate to it, then you must be familiar with one of the most effective platforms for motion pictures, the Netflix series, and movies. Thus, here we will talk about none other than the actor who became heartthrobs of many after his appearance in the 2019 Netflix original movie, Tall Girl, Luke Eisner.

Luke Eisner is an American actor famous for his good looks and for portraying the role of Stig Mohlin in the 2019 film, Tall Girl. Also, he is an accomplished musician, Youtuber, social media influencer, and model. In addition, he is often spotted raising his voice against major social problems, i.e., Domestic Violence.

Where Is Luke Eisner From?

Luke Eisner is originally from Wisconsin, United States. Born on August 1, 1996, his age is 25 years. And he currently resides in Santa Monica, California, with his parents. His birthday is on August 1, so his zodiac sign is Leo, and his nationality is American. Similarly, his ethnicity is white, and his religion is Christianity.

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Luke Eisner Father

Luke was born in a family of entrepreneurs where his father, Bill Eisner, was an advertising tycoon who used to work as a full-time employee at coca-cola. But, unfortunately, Luke had to go through a series of emotions when his father suddenly died in mid-November of 2019 as he was suffering from cancer for about a few years. Similarly, his mother, Denise Eisner, is far from the limelight, and he doesn't have any siblings. But, in the same way, his grandfather Wiliam Eisner was also a famous designer and advertising tycoon as well. 

Is Luke Eisner Highly Educated?

As for the academic training of Luke Eisner, he graduated from Greendale High School and later enrolled at Thorton School of Music to learn music and pursue his interest in being a singer and DJ.

When Did Luke Eisner Start His Career?

Since the beginning of his childhood, Luke Eisner was interested in music, so he started learning piano and guitar at a very young age, and he even took part as a wedding DJ in one of his cousin's startups. Soon, he attended music school, where he became close to one of his classmates and decided to form a collaboration duo with Gun Ross; now together, they are known as "Viola." After that, he started releasing songs with Ross, and their most recent album includes "Long Story Short."

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Luke Eisner

He also worked for many reputable brands as a model, such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, etc. Further, he decided to give it a go in acting, and he had his first breakthrough from the Netflix original film, Tall Girl. After the success of Tall Girl, there was a rumor of Luke having Swedish originality, most likely because his character was a Swedish exchange student. Still, he insisted on not being Swedish from either side of his family. Then he continued to work as a promising actor and starred in many movies and Tv shows. His notable projects are Family Reunion, Timeline, The Goldbergs, etc.

Is Luke Eisner Dating Anyone?

Luke Eisner is currently in a relationship with Kirby Johnson, an American actress, and model widely known for playing the character of Hannah in the film "The Possession of Hannah Grace." Indeed, the good-looking pair's history goes back to before both of them entered the entertainment industry. Kirby Johnson is very humble, and she always shows her love for Luke whenever she can.

Luke Eisner and Kirby Johnson

Meanwhile, the actress made the fans adore the couple even more; when she shared in one of her Instagram posts of December 12, 2020, where the actress describes how she fell in love with Luke at the very first glance as he smiled at her in the elevator. The couple officially started going out on May 14, 2019, and Luke even teases his girlfriend every chance he gets, saying she is a cute girl, but she always plays horror roles. Thus, the fans are still not getting enough of this couple, so together, they even try to show as much content as possible on their Youtube channel, "Luke and Kirby Diaries."

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What Is The Net Worth Of Luke Eisner?

In recent times, Luke Eisner has been starring in major Netflix projects, which is an excellent opportunity to flourish his profession as an actor and get a handsome amount of income. Thus, according to the wiki, the net worth of one of the most prominent actors of all time, Luke Eisner, is $600,000. But, of course, foremost of his income comes from being an actor. 

Besides, Luke has also modeled for major and well-recognized brands, and he is one of the top demanded models in the platform. In addition, his band Viola with Gun Ross is doing great in its way, and they have been guested in many talk shows. Likewise, he has a whopping following of 612K followers on Instagram, and he is often assigned as a brand ambassador and endorse products of many other brands.

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How Tall Is Luke Eisner?

Luke Eisner is a model by profession, who stands at an astounding height of about 6 feet 2 inches. Plus, he has a well-defined body with abs and weighs around 57 kg. Furthermore, Luke Eisner has brown eyes, and his long blonde hair complements his tiny face.

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