Luke Eisner and Kirby Johnson
Luke Eisner and Kirby Johnson (Photo Source: Kirby's Instagram)

Nowadays, many celebrity couples are adored by their fans, especially when they share their precious moments on social media. Among many public figures, the pair of Luke Eisner and Kirby Johnson is one of the top fan favorites in Hollywood. American actor Luke Eisner is widely known for portraying the role of Stig Mohlin in a famous 2019 Netflix original film, Tall Girl whereas his girlfriend Kirby Johnson is known for her role as Hannah in the film The Possession of Hannah Grace".

Both the duo are very hard-working and talented people. Alongside acting, Luke is an accomplished singer, songwriter, Youtuber, social media creator, etc., to name a few. While on the other hand, Kirby is also well-known in gymnastics, cartoons, dancing, and modeling. Supporting, growing, loving, and surprising each other in every step of life Luke and his girlfriend Kirby are sharing a great bond as a couple and have been together for more than 2 years. Here let's deep dive into their love story.

When Did Luke Eisner And Kirby Johnson Met?

It is believed that the pair knew each other even before they were familiar with fame, as Kirby shared in one of her Instagram posts on May 14, 2019, that she was relieved after Luke finally stopped friend-zoning her. Furthermore, Johnson went all quirky when she accepted that she was the first to fall in love among the two.

Luke Eisner and Kirby Johnson

In the sense that Kirby shared in her December 12, 2020, Instagram feed that she first met Luke in the elevator of an apartment building, where both were neighbors at that time, and her heart did dance a little with joy when Luke smiled, looking at her. Similarly, Kirby Johnson first broke out the news about her boyfriend, Luke Eisner, on Twitter and they officially started dating on May 14, 2019.

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First Date

Luke and his girlfriend Kirby went on the first date at a Pizza place. Kirby hates cheese so in order not to be a weirdo and not scrape off the cheese, she decided to act as if she wasn't hungry. Furthermore, Luke considers his lady love to be the best person to be stuck in traffic with, wait in line with, or put on speakerphone when he is walking somewhere.

Kirby is fond of collecting feathers and in March of 2019 Kirby gifted Luke her favorite feather to put in his Cowboy hat. Gifting her favorite feather somehow resembled how special Luke is for her.

Kirby Attended The Summerfest To Support Luke

As well all know, Luke Eisner is a very talented individual and he is seen time and often releasing new songs. Comparatively, Luke's career as a singer has also been very successful and Luke is often invited to perform in different music festivals. Similarly, his number one supporter was there to support her boyfriend in the Summerfest of 2019.

Luke Eisner and Kirby Johnson

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Luke Eisner And Kirby Johnson's New York Fashion Week

Like the power couple they are, Luke and Kirby were there to attend one of the top fashion shows, New York Fashion Week in October of 2019. Further, they also posted a vlog of behind the scenes during the runways in their Youtube Account, Luke and Kirby Diaries.

Are Luke Eisner And Kirby Johnson Still Together?

Luke and Kirby officially started dating on May 14, 2019, and they have been inseparable ever since. The couple is seen together in various events like runways, dance videos, award shows, etc. However, since the pair is loved by many, they felt that it was best to interact with fans more daily. Thus, Luke and Kirby decided to start a joint Youtube channel named "Luke and Kirby Diaries". They share a few moments of their vacations, events preparations, behind scenes videos, pranks, etc. Not to mention, their first-ever vlog featured Jojo Siwa, an American dancer, and later Luke Eisner featured on Jojo Siwa's "How we Friendsgiving" video series as well.

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Luke Eisner and Kirby Johnson

Furthermore, the couple is very playful, and they mention each other in interviews and on various occasions if either one of them is absent. For instance: Luke Eisner mentioned to his girlfriend, Kirby Johnson, in an interview with The Daily Front Row, that even if his girlfriend is a cute-looking girl with red hair, she always plays the role of a monster which is a very interesting thing. Even after being in a relationship for more than 3 years, Luke and Kirby's love has only grown wider and inseparable. Unfortunately, for the time being, the duo is at the height of their career, due to which they haven't talked about marriage and rather are focusing on their careers. But we hope we get the good news about their wedding soon in the coming days.

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