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What’s fun in the news channel if there is the absence of a good reporter? Reporters act like a cheery on top in every media. Their presence not only helps us to know the activities that are happening all around the world but also inspires us by their work.

Manu Raju, the senior congressional reporter at CNN, covers the United States Congress and campaign politics. He has worked very hard since his first-ever job and has marked his place as a veteran journalist.

Although it is said that all jobs are equal but based on rank, he started his career from a small job and now he has ended as one of the most praised and reputed correspondents at CNN. 

Is Manu Raju Married? Who Is His Wife?

Manu Raju is happily married to his wife Archana Mehta who is an entrepreneur. She is a principal at marketing firm AM Strategies Inc. The duo has two children together and they are twins.

Their firstborn child was their daughter, Sonya Sushila Raju and serially two minutes later, she was followed by her little brother Sanjay Mehta Raju. Sonya was born at 9:33 PM on Friday, November 6, 2015, and her little brother, Sanjay Mehta Raju was born at 9:35 PM.

Manu and his wife Archana prefers to keep their personal life as private as possible. Working hard to incline their career, the duo has been a great support to each other. Archana, being a proud wife, seldom gushes about her husband and his interviews on her Twitter. Similarly, they provide a good company to each other and also attend various events together. 

Manu Raju with wife

The journalist loves to spend his free time with his wife and children. He has shared a couple of images of his children on his Instagram, keeping their faces hidden.

We can say he is very blessed in the context of family life as many other media personalities are still busy handling their unsuccessful relationship, divorce and all. 

Manu Raju’s Net Worth And Salary

Working in political journalism for almost two decades, Manu hasn't just marked his place but has also mustered a whopping salary. 

As per the pay scale, the average salary at CNN is $72k. Likewise, the average salary for Reporter at CNN in the United States is estimated to be $44,050. However, the range many vary widely between $35,327 and $58,100. Salary can also vary based on some important factors like certifications, additional skills, education, experience, and working years.

Since Manu has been working at CNN since 2015, he must have mustered a salary somewhere between the given range or even more than that. Although the exact value of his net worth has not been revealed yet, it is roughly calculated to be over $5 million. His net worth will further increase with the increase in his work and success.

The Journey Of His Career

Manu first started working at NBC-15 in Madison, Wisconsin in 2001 on the assignment desk. Later, he started to work with Congressional Quarterly, The Hill newspaper, and Politico and worked there for seven years. Manu started making appearances as a guest on programs like NBC's Meet the Press and CBS's Face the Nation.

Manu Raju

He had a turning point in his career when he joined CNN, in September 2015. He was also a member of the team of four reporters where they did presidential reporting under deadline pressure for their coverage of the debt ceiling crisis. With the immense effort, the team was successful at winning the White House Correspondents Association's prestigious Merriman Smith award. Now, he is serving as a senior political reporter at CNN.

Wiki And Bio

Manu Raju was born on February 8, 1980, in Darien, Illinois. He is the son of Dr. Tonse N. K. Raju and Vidya Raju. His parents migrated from Karnataka, India in the 1970s and started working at the National Institutes of Health. Manu's father, who was a professor of pediatrics at the University of Illinois at Chicago, is a neonatologist. His grandfather's name is Gopalakrishna Adiga, who was the legendary poet from South India.

Manu, who is famous for the sharp and skillful questioning with politicians, is currently at the age of 39. He attended Hinsdale South High School for his early education from where he graduated in 1998. Later, he received a degree in business administration from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 2002. 

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