Kaitlan Collins and Will Douglas
Kaitlan Collins and Will Douglas (Photo Source: Will's Instagram)

Kaitlan Collins is an American journalist and CNN's Chief White House Correspondent. She graduated from the University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Also, she used to be a regular showbiz correspondent for The Dailey Caller. However, when opportunities presented themselves, Kaitlan covered the 2016 presidential race. She was later appointed White House Correspondent for the Daily Caller in January 2017.

As a result of her professional success, people are often interested in Kaitlan Collins' personal life, particularly her dating life. So, without further ado, let's take a little tour into Kaitlan's personal life who was linked with Will Douglas, an American entrepreneur, politician, and businessman.

Has Kaitlan Collins Married Will Douglas?

According to the sources, there is no news of the lovebirds getting engaged or married because Kaitlan Collins and Will are probably focused on their careers, or not together. Nonetheless, Kaitlan is now one of the most popular White House correspondents after demonstrating her potential by working hard while her other colleagues were wary of Trump and the White House's new normal.

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Kaitlan Collins and Will Douglas

On the other hand, Douglas is preparing for his next election in 2022, in which he is standing for State House. The pair has been believed to be committed to one other even after 6 years of dating as it is still unknown whether they broke up or are still together. Thus, the date for their engagement or wedding isn't fixed or foreseen for the time being. Kaitlan and Will are still young, so they have a lot of changes ahead of them to be husband and wife.

Who Is Kaitlan Collins Dating Now?

The new broadcasting channel's Daily Caller's gorgeous and appealing personality, Kaitlan Collins, was in a public relationship with Will Douglas. However, there is no confirmation whether the duo is still dating, except that Will hasn't deleted his photos with Kaitlan Collins on his Instagram. Will is a well-known entrepreneur who has his drugstore and is also interested in politics and business.

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Kaitlan Collins

Collins and her partner began dating in July 2015, when she initially revealed their relationship with a 'Happy Birthday' image and message for her lover in a now-deleted Instagram post. Months later, on May 5, 2016, Will tweeted a photo with his lover, Kaitlan, with the comment "Baecation," confirming that the two were passionately in love. Furthermore, the pair has been observed spending precious time together at late-night parties, award events, and holidays.

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Fans assumed that the popular pair had broken up after Kaitlan allegedly stopped posting images with her new boyfriend in early 2018 and even removed certain pictures relating to him. Nonetheless, the previous instance of Kaitlan's homophobic post from her undergraduate years in 2011 emerged, with her using the term "fag" and tweeting, "Idk if I want to room with a lesbian."

People assumed Kaitlan intended to shield her spouse from any unpleasant remarks or hatred that she was receiving at the moment by deleting the pictures. But only Kaitlan Collins knows whether she took the initiative of deleting the pictures with Will to save him as her loved one, or it was simply because she wanted to erase the memories like any other people after a break up with their exes.

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