Erana James
Erana James (Photo Source: Erana's Instagram)

Erana James is a New Zealand actress who rose to international prominence after portraying Toni Shalifoe in Sarah Streicher's American drama streaming series The Wilds. The series debuted in 2020 with cast members like Mia Healey, Sophia Taylor Ali, Helena Howard, Sarah Pidgeon, Shannon Berry, Reign Edwards, Jenna Clause, and so on, and is still available on Amazon Prime Video and other streaming services.

Furthermore, Sons of Liars, The Changeover, My Life Is Murder, Playing for Keeps, and Golden Boy, to mention a few, are among the numerous productions that have established Erana as a leading actress. In contrast, due to Erana's undeniably successful job, many people are curious about her personal life. As a result, we'll introduce you to her dating life today.

Is Erana James Married Or Dating?

Following the huge popularity of the Amazon Prime Video 2020 series The Wilds, fans couldn't help but wonder if Erana was a lesbian in real life, much like her character, Toni Shalifoe in the show. There was also speculation in online groups that James was concealing her sexuality to avoid online abuse. In the same vein, many people on Reddit, a website or community where people communicate publicly, believe that since Mia Healey, who plays a lesbian on-screen, is bisexual in real life, Erana must be as well.

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Erana James

Despite reports to the contrary, James is considered to be straight in real life. In terms of her relationship status, we think she is single and without a boyfriend or girlfriend, for the time being, due to her secrecy and lack of accurate information. Furthermore, she hasn’t been married previously, and no information about her before relationships, if any, is accessible.

Who Is Erana James’s Partner?

Fans of specific drama shows are prone to shipping the pairings they have recently watched or are currently watching. Similarly, Erana James, who appears in The Wilds seasons 1 and 2, is presented as a lesbian pair alongside her co-star Mia Healey. The duo was questioned if they are dating in real life on Instagram Live. Healey once replied, "maybe a little bit," but it appears that they are just great friends and a real-life legendary combo.

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Erana James

Additionally, both actresses admitted that they were never told about the romance between Shelby Goodkind (Mia) and Toni Shalifoe (Erana) in advance, meaning they never knew they were signing up for an LGBTQ+ role. Still, the pair support queer community. On a different matter, once Mia's bisexuality was revealed and fantastic love moments between the two, Erana and Mia were added to season 2 of The Wilds, fans couldn't help but wish to see them in a true relationship in the future.

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