Jordan Cameron
Jordan Cameron (Photo Source: Jordan's Twitter)

Jordan Cravens Cameron, better known as Jordan Cameron or Jordan, is an ex-football player who played as a tight end at National Football League (NFL). The player played for more than half a decade with NFL before calling it to quit in 2016. Previously, he was signed with Cleveland Browns and Miami Dolphins.

Jordan Cameron is currently in a relationship with the former golfer and ex-wife of Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren. And he is the father figure for Elin's sons, Charli Woods and Sam Woods, from her previous marriage. In addition, Jordan Cameron is one of the most successful people in sports history, so people are always curious about the athlete's earnings and net worth. Thus, without delay, let's dive into the pieces of information regarding the earnings, net worth, salary, and other assets owned by Jordan Cameron.

What Is The Net Worth Of Jordan Cameron?

Jordan Cameron has been one of the most anticipated players in the past days where he was almost the reason for his team's victories over the years. There would rarely be a football fan who wasn't familiar with Jordan Cameron; also, he was popular among other NFL players. Jordan Cameron was able to impact football due to his impressive achievements and statistics significantly. Thus, according to the wiki, the net worth of one of the most prominent athletes of all time, Jordan Cameron, is $67million. Most of his fortunes are made through his hard work as a footballer, and he also participated in the major games of the NFL.

Jordan Cameron

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What Does Jordan Cameron Do For A Living?

Jordan Cameron is called the legend of legends as he is one of the most respected players in the NFL, and he rarely missed any games throughout his career. Unfortunately, he had to miss other games of his coming days as the player suffered from four concussions during six-season plays, which made it hard to continue being an athlete. Before his retirement, he was invited to play in the East-West Shrine Game, which became the turning point for Jordan as a footballer. Also, Jordan played as a basketball player before trying his luck in football. So, being an athlete for so long surely paid Cameron with massive gross.

Jordan Cameron

Furthermore, Jordan is a very hard-working person in general. Even after being a father to four children, he never left his responsibility unattended as a father and athlete. Thus, he worked even harder to improve his statistics, and the result was seen when he was always listed as top three of every drill and fifth in bench press activities.

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Later, with his impressive results, he was selected by Cleveland Browns and was voted to the Pro Bowl. Until then, Jordan made such a name for himself that endorsers and brands were willing to pay him a huge amount of money for representing them. Also, Jordan was offered a deal by Miami Dolphins in 2015, which cost them more than $15 million to assign Cameron. Moreover, his estimated monthly payment is around $6 million.

What Are The Assets Possessed By Jordan Cameron?

As we search up about the assets of Jordan Cameron, his wife, Elin Nordegren, has recently started a company called En Therapy which is a profitable organization. And, she also sold her mansion, which was estimated to be around $28.6 million, to Rockstar Energy Drink Founder.

Jordan Cameron

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Moreover, Jordan owns a house worth $50 million, Palm Beach Home where he lives together with his girlfriend and children. Furthermore, it is also known that he has another house in Westlake Village worth $2.5 million under his name. Thus, the athlete spends his time in the house in different areas whenever he has to go on a vacation. Further, it is said that Jordan Cameron has a huge collection of expensive cars and shoes; still, he doesn't use social media, so nothing has been confirmed yet.

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