Julia Fox and Kanye West
Julia Fox and Kanye West (Photo Source: People.com)

It is no surprise when celebrities get into dating scandals and are often caught up by Paparazzi. However, recently, a couple has made constant headlines in many news channels and Tv interviews, i.e., Julia Fox and Kanye West (now known as ye). The duo left many in shock when two unexpected individuals were seen on a date together, sharing cozy moments.

Julia Fox is an American actress widely known for her debut role in Uncut Gems, a 2019 thriller movie. On the other hand, Kanye West is an American rapper famous for producing skills and fashion. Both were formerly married to their partners and had kids from their ex-relationship. 

Who Are The Ex-Partners Of Julia Fox And Kanye West?

The public is familiar with the beautiful actress Julia Fox. However, many of her fans recently backlashed when she made headlines for her messed-up marriage with her ex-husband, Peter Artimiev. Fox called him irresponsible, and even though they had a son together, Valentino, Peter was nowhere to be seen to take care of their child. Instead, he was a druggist and left Julia with all the bills, as said by Julia in her now-deleted Instagram stories. Nevertheless, the actress officially apologized to her ex-partner in the Friday episode of her podcast.

Kanye West

On the other hand, Kanye West is one of the most influential rappers. On top of that, he was married to Kim Kardashian, a famous social media personality, model, and businesswoman who belongs to one of the most popular "Kardashian-Jenner clans." They were a happy couple and parents to 4 children when they suddenly decided to go on their separate ways in 2021 after Kim opened up about being lonely despite being married.

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Julia Fox's Budding Relationship With Kanye West

Julia and Kanye have both gone through a phase where they know about how a relationship could affect one's life so much. Nonetheless, as Julia said, she found herself constantly laughing when she was around Kanye and that he made her feel comfortable. It all started when Julia and Ye were first seen on a dinner date in New York City. Moreover, they were again spotted by Paparazzi having dinner at Craig's in Los Angeles within weeks. The fans and media were going crazy, but there wasn't any confirmation about a romantic relationship until they assured their relationship through a steamy photoshoot in early 2022.

Julia Fox and Kanye West

Meanwhile, the duo was even seen sharing heavy PDA, hand-in-hand walk in LA. Lastly, they even pulled a kiss-stunt in front of cameras. In response to dating, an insider close to Kanye said that Ye was attracted to the smile and the act of following his lead is what made him fall for Julia. As per the sources, the couple first met on New Year's Eve in Miami. The duo was even seen hanging out in one of Madonna's parties together, indicating a maybe starring of Julia Fox in Madonna's bio-pic.

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Comparatively, Julia frequently talks about her new relationship or beau, then Kanye. Probably it's because some sources rely on the fact that, Kanye is still hung up on his ex-wife, Kim, and that he would do anything to get back together. Nevertheless, there hasn't been any information from the rapper's side, so it is suitable to wait for his response in such matters.

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