Mia Healey
Mia Healey (Photo Source: Mia's Instagram)

Mia Healey is an Australian actress widely known for portraying the role of Shelby Goodkind in the 2020 Amazon Prime Video drama series called The Wilds. In the series, Mia acted along with other great stars like Erana James, Sophia Taylor Ali, Helena Howard, Sarah Pidgeon, Shannon Berry, and Alex Fitzalan, to name a few. Similarly, many people might also identify Mia for her role in a 2020 podcast series called In Creative Company or for her guest role in the 2021 TV series called Collider Ladies Night.

In the same way, after getting enrolled in various performing art classes by her mother, Mia always knew that she wanted to pursue acting as a full-time career as she grew up. Soon, after acquiring the place in ‘The Wilds’, success instantly rose to Healey. Thus, thriving in her professional career, people often wonder about the personal life of Mia Healey. Therefore, without further delay, let’s take a quick look at the dating life of Mia Healey.

Is Mia Healey In A Relationship?

With Shelby Goodkind's outstanding portrayal of a lesbian character in the series "The Wilds," it's natural for fans to be inquisitive about Mia's sexuality in real life. Mia Healey publicly acknowledged herself as bisexual, just like her character Shelby, who deals with self-acceptance and sexual identity. The actress' sexual orientation was proven by a photo of herself on her Instagram story in 2020 after someone requested her to "show me a photo of a bisexual."

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Mia Healey

On the other hand, Mia isn’t dating anyone and is without a boyfriend or girlfriend, according to reports. Furthermore, no information about her previous lovers or girlfriends, if she had any, is accessible. For the time being, it is assumed that the actress is concentrating on her blossoming profession rather than dating.

Who Is Mia Healey’s Partner?

Mia and Erana's metamorphosis from enemies to lovers caused 'The Wilds' viewers instantly fall in love with them. Furthermore, during the creation of The Wilds season 1, the actresses acknowledged sharing an apartment, feeding rumors that Mia and Erana are real-life partners. They've also chatted to each other multiple times on Instagram Live.

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Mia Healey

Furthermore, fans of the actors who have been given the fandom name 'Shoni' frequently make fanart and movies depicting adorable moments between the actors. Nonetheless, it looks like the performers are just good friends in real life since they stated in an interview with CinemaBlend that when they first joined the group, they had no idea they would be part of an LGBTQ+ romance. Also, they stated at several gatherings that they are only pals for the time being.

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