Ugo Humbert
Ugo Humbert (Photo Source: Ugo's Instagram)

We may have been interested in different sports, but there are rarely a few people who play with the left hand. But, standing right in front of the success in sports like tennis as the left-handed player is Ugo Humbert. Ugo Humbert has made his significance with his unique playing style and impressive achievements in tennis.

Ugo Humbert is a professional French tennis player who shocked everyone when they found out that Ugo was non-other than the son of the award-worthy butcher shop owners, Eric Humbert and Anne Humbert. Apparently, Ugo's career-high junior ranking is 18, which was held in January of 2016. Further, Ugo is passionate about playing piano and guitar as well.

Who is Ugo Humbert's Girlfriend?

Ugo Humbert is a very secretive person regarding his private matters. So the media sources couldn't get anything against Ugo until he posted a photo with a girl on the special day of the new year. The caption was rather simple of "Happy New Year," but what caused a fuss among fans was that the athlete seemed close with him, and she also posted the same photo with the caption of heart emoji. In addition, the media sources were quick to find a little information relating to the suspicious girl on Ugo's Instagram.

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Ugo Humbert

The female partner in the photo with Ugo Humbert is Margot, and she is a beautiful woman with blonde hair, a slanted face, and big brown eyes. If the assumptions sit correctly, then at the moment, Margot is a rising model by profession. Also, the public is speculating that Margot is the sister of one of Ugo's co-players. What's more shocking is that the tennis player, Ugo Humbert, hasn't spoken about the dating rumors. Until now, Ugo Humbert isn't married and doesn't have any children.

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Controversies About Ugo Humbert

Ugo Humbert is rather a humble person, and he likes to stay away from media attention. Therefore, Ugo hasn't been in a dating controversy with any females, but rather, he has been in a few feuds due to his tennis profession. Ugo Humbert was recently the target of fellow player Nick Kyrgios when Nick deliberately said Ugo doesn't give his 100 percent in his games. In detail, the event all started when Nick beat Ugo to play on the second round at the All England Club in December of 2021, and he was further asked about Ugo Humbert as a rival. That's when Nick went ballistic about how Ugo never gives his all while playing tennis, and he rather focused on the other things making him look like Ugo takes tennis for granted.

Ugo Humbert

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Also, recently Humbert was bashed by many tennis fans after Nick Kyrgios, but he stood still and worked hard in every game he played. Comparatively, Ugo's recent face-off with Daniil Medvedev became the talk of the town when Humbert was struggling to make a point at first. However, in the final tie-breaker, Ugo defeated Russia's Daniil and made history by achieving most points of his career. Thus, Ugo is now one of the most undefeated athletes in the tennis world.

Ugo Humbert

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