Jonathan Keltz and Laysla De Oliveria
Jonathan Keltz and Laysla De Oliveria (Photo Source: Jonathan's Instagram)

We all must be familiar with the Acquainted actors Jonathan Keltz and Laysla De Oliveria. They are one of the most adored celebrity couples at present, and they have been dating for more than 7 years. Jonathan and Laysla gave a big surprise to their fans when they recently announced the news about their engagement.

Jonathan Keltz is an American actor, best known for his roles in the HBO series such as 'Entourage and The Films Prom' and '21 and over.' Not to mention, Jonathan was also one of the actors in the Disney channel in the past few days. On the other hand, Laysla De Oliveria is a Canadian actress who got major fame after her association with the Netflix series Locke and Key. And, she is also famous for her undeniable beauty and hourglass body. Even after being in a relationship for more than a half-decade, they haven't broken up till now, and their love is strong more than ever. Further, let's look at the relationship pattern of the pair.

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When Did Jonathan Keltz And Laysla De Oliveria Met?

The beautiful couple first met back in the early 2000s through their common group of friends and soon started to share a bond which later changed into a special relationship. However, many argue that the pair only came to know each other after becoming the cast members of the movie "Acquainted" where Laysla De Oliveria was one of the actresses, and Jonathan Keltz was a producer. Of course, the fan would be suspicious knowing the fact that the pair used to appear together in various events like fashion shows, movie premiers, award shows, etc, but they never responded to the rumor of their relationship until 2014.

Jonathan Keltz and Laysla De Oliveria

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When They Accompany Each Other

Jonathan Keltz is a very considerate and humble person so whether it is about his family members, friends, or his girlfriend, he likes to show a lot of effort towards them. Similarly, Jonathan Keltz was seen accompanying his girlfriend, Laysla De Oliveria in the premiere of her breakthrough series, Locke and Key in February of 2020. Further, Laysla also visits her boyfriend in the premier of his movies, making the moment more special for him.

Jonathan Keltz and Laysla De Oliveria

Are They Still Together?

Jonathan Keltz and Laysla De Oliveria's love story dates back to many times when they still weren't familiar with fame and stardom. Recently, the couple celebrated their 9th year anniversary on March 5, which was shared by Laysla in her Instagram account with the caption, "Happy Anniversary To This Stud and my absolute best friend in the entire world." Similarly, the couple had remained fans' favorite for so many years before they got engaged on July 12, 2021.

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Jonathan Keltz and Laysla De Oliveria

The newly engaged were loved by many and they had their small surprise engagement at Cielo Farms. The surprise proposal was small but it was organized well. Also, Laysla De Oliveria and her future husband were witnessed together for many other vacations and at the premiere of the Whistlers Films Festival project, Acquainted. Moreover, people are waiting curiously for the duo to tie their knot once and for all, but both are one of the top actors which has made it difficult for them to focus on a family right now. Still, Laysla will be supporting her partner for his upcoming series, Nine Films About Technology.

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