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You might have seen cable news pundit Rachel Maddow giving her best during her television appearance and sharing goofy pictures and posts on her social media accounts. But you might not have known that the MSNBC host has been battling depression for quite a long time.

However, the American television program host is fortunate for having a longterm partner who has been a support system to her during her life long battle with depression. Her partner is the one who understands and listen to her on those grounds.

Rachel Maddow’s Relationship With Her Partner

The Rachel Maddow Show host has been in a long and blissful relationship with her partner Susan Mikula. Susan is an artist by profession whom she met in a small town in Massachusetts in 1999. Rachel met her girlfriend when she was hired to do yard work on Susan’s lawn in Berkshires, a couple of years after she graduated from Stanford. Well, it was the love at first sight for Rachel.

When it comes to opening up about how their relationship began, Rachel jokes that ‘it was a very Desperate Housewives.’ The duo had their date at a “Ladies Day on the Range.” It was sponsored by National Rifle Association where Susan’s sister is a member. The couple eventually fell for each other and began dating. 

Rachel Maddow with partner

The first openly gay woman to host a prime time news, Rachel and her photographer girlfriend Susan are together for two decades. Although the couple is not married, they are relishing a relationship like that of a husband and wife. Similarly, they are supportive of each other’s career. You might not know that Susan has always been by the side of Rachel during her life long battle with depression.

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In the biography of Rachel Maddow, author Lisa Rogak has quoted that Rachel suffers from cyclical depression. Talking about the depression, Rachel has said,

“The way I experience depression is a real closing off from the world. One of my manifestations of depression for me is that I lose my will and my ability to focus. It’s like somebody hits the mute button. It’s very lonely and it can be alienating.”

She even has stated how supportive her partner has been on her journey. Rachel, who considers herself to be fortunate for having Susan in her life, said that Susan knows, understands, and pays attention to her during her hard time. Currently, Rachel states that she doesn’t need to treat it medically but if it ever becomes permanent, she’ll need a medical treatment.

How Much Is Rachel’s Net Worth & Salary?

Rachel, who is trying to increase the amount of useful information in the world, has already marked her place as an American television news program host. She is one of the veteran journalists with years of experience, huge fan following and a whopping net worth.

Standing tall at the height of 5 feet 10 inches, Rachel has assembled the amazing net worth of $20 million. She has been able to accumulate such a huge amount of fortune combining the hefty salary that she receives as a news anchor. She received $7 million as her annual salary.

Rachel Maddow Short Wiki

Born in 1973 in Castro Valley, California, Rachel has her birthday on 1st April. She is currently at the age of 46. She was born to father Robert B. Maddow and mother Elaine Maddow. She has one sibling, an older brother named David Maddow.

Born and raised in a very conservative family, Rachel came out while attending Stanford University. Before she could tell her parents about her sexuality, the college newspaper outed her as a lesbian after an interview with her was published.

Rachel, who is now recognized as a liberal political commentator and a news host, began her first radio job in 1999 WRNX (100.9 FM) in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Similarly, she became a regular panelist on the MSNBC show Tucker in June 2005. Currently, she hosts a nightly television show on MSNBC called The Rachel Maddow Show. She also works as MSNBC’s special event co-anchor alongside Brian Williams.

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