Jordan Roth Husband

Jordan Roth is a prominent name as American theatre producer who was born to parents Steven Roth and Daryl Roth on 13 November 1975 in New York City. His father Steven is the chairman and founder of the largest commercial landlord in New York City named Vornado Realty Trust whereas his mother is a Tony-winner theatre producer. 

Jordan earned a degree in Philosophy and theatre from Princeton University and later gained MBA from Columbia Business School.

Beginning the career through a Broadway hit show named The Rocky Horror Show, Jordan is now the majority owner of Jujamcyn Theatres alongside overseeing 5 other Broadway theatres.

As embarking upon the height of success Jordan also found his partner for life. Jordan is happily married to his husband Richie Jackson for nearly 9 years.

Here is everything we know about their love life.

How Did They Meet?

Jordan Roth and his husband first met on 8 June 2003 at the Tony Awards and Richie introduced himself to Jordan during a commercial break. Richie was sitting across the aisle with dear friend Harvey Fierstein for Hairspray. 

Husband of Richie Jackson.

A week later of their meet, they went out for lunch. Jordan thought it to be a business conversation but it became an electrifying exploration of who they were, how they think, and what they feel. The duo had long and engaging lunch.

They Went On Movie Together

After their first meet, they began a flurry of e-mails and had really sparkly conversations to engage on. A few weeks later the couple planned to watch the documentary “Capturing the Friedmans”. They hardly had known each other when they went to watch the film and only had one lunch together but something horrific happened on the screen and Jordan grabbed the arm of Richie. 

Richie was always fascinated by Jordan Roth and wanted to spend more time with him. After the movie, they remained in touch via texts and even saw each other every other week.

However, Jordan did not consider the meetings as a date but was fascinated to know the interesting personality of Richie.

Richie Made His First Move

Almost after 2 months of their first lunch together, the duo saw a spelling-bee documentary named “Spellbound together and had also had dinner. Richie was clear about what they were doing so, afterward completing their dinner he walked Jordan back home and said they should date. Jordan Roth responded “It’s complicated” and didn’t say anything else. 

Husband of Jordan Roth.

The duo went back and forth on the street and finally, Jordan poured his heart out and explained about the unstable relationships he had which always ended up in separation.

Richie implored him to stop overthinking and after then the pair went on many dates, had nonstop texts and e-mails including poems.

Richie Asks Jordan’s Hand

Richie had moved into Jordan’s West Village apartment by August of 2005 and after moving in Richie asked Jordan’s hand in marriage with his father Steven Roth. They wanted to tie the knot in New York but the pair waited until the marriage became legal and the rest is history.

Wedding And Children Of Jordan Roth And Richie Jackson

Jordan tied the knot with his partner Richie Jackson on 8 September 2012 at the marquee of the Al Hirschfeld Theater in front of around 600 guests.

Jordan and Richie’s parents escorted them onto the stage. Married for nearly 9 years, Jordan and his husband Richie still seem so in love.

Children of Richie Jackson and Jordan Roth.

Richie Jackson has a son named Jackson Foo Wong with his ex-partner B.D. Wong, who was born with the help of surrogacy in the year 2000. Jackson also had a twin brother named Boaz Dov who passed away after 90 minutes of their birth. 

Later again with the help of surrogacy Jordan and his partner Richie welcomed their son Levi Emmanuel Roth in 2016.

As of now, Jordan and Richie reside in New York City with their two kids.


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