Jenicka Lopez
Jenicka Lopez (Photo Source: Jenicka's Instagram)

Jenicka Lopez is a reality TV star and the daughter of classic Latina popstar Jenni Rivera. Jenicka Lopez is mostly known for her mother, but she has also been in some scenes in TV shows with her mom where she shines in her way. 

Jenicka Priscilla Lopez did step into the industry through reality TV shows, but now she is a well-known influencer. She portrays body positivity and self-love and influences people toward loving themselves. Jenicka also has a youtube channel where we can catch up with her every once in a while. Jenicka considers herself an entrepreneur.

What Is Jenicka Lopez Age?

Jenicka Priscilla Lopez, also known as Jeni, and Jen, is 24 years old. Jenicka's birthday is on October 3. Jenicka was born in the year 1997. She was born in California, the U.S.A. making her nationality a full-fledged American. Jenicka's horoscope is Libra, and it is believed they tend to be a bit diplomatic and indecisive, which makes sense looking at her videos. Jenicka went to private schools all her life and is well educated.

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Jenicka Lopez

Who Are Jenicka Lopez Parents?

Jenni Rivera is Jenicka Lopez's mom. She was her fourth child. Jenicka's dad is Juan Lopez, who was convicted of selling drugs and passed away in prison in 2007 from pneumonia. Her mother, Jenni Rivera passed away in 2012 in a plane crash, so none of Jenicka's parents are present.

Jenicka Lopez

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Jenicka has four half siblings. Three of them are elder, and one is younger than her. Chiquis Rivera is the firstborn sister, Jacqueline is the second sister, and Michael is her elder brother, whereas Johnny Lopez is the youngest. All of the children Jenni had are from three different husbands she married throughout her exotic life.

Who Is Jenicka Lopez Partner?

Jenicka is a confident woman who proves herself as an independent woman. She is so independent that she has never made it seem like she needs someone to care for her. Jenicka's relationship status has been single since we have known of her. She has never even hinted at dating anyone ever but being the prettiest and most confident woman she is, it's pretty evident she breaks a lot of hearts. Even if she revealed to have had a boyfriend for a while now, we wouldn't be as shocked.

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What Is Jenicka Lopez Doing now?

Jenicka and her sibling have been in front of the camera for years now. They are no newcomers to shows, and TV, as all of them, have been featured in some sort of show. Being in the limelight from an early age does make one numb but also very comfortable on camera. In 2016, it was revealed that the kids of Jenni Rivera would be starring in a reality show, which turned out to be a hit show later on with 45 episodes and still going well. Jenicka also is an influencer with 1 million Instagram followers but has no wiki page of her own yet.

Jenicka Lopez

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What Is Jenicka Lopez Net Worth?

Jenicka has a total net worth of about $1-$5 Million. Jenicka is the daughter of Jenni Rivera, the legendary artist of her own time who earned millions selling music. After the death of Jenni, her possessions must have been passed down to her children, which enhanced their chance of success. Jenicka seems to have been using her inheritance very wisely. She has been selling merch through a website. Jenicka's influencer personality pays her pretty well since there aren't a lot of plus-size models that many brands trust, and Jenicka seems to be thriving in that section well.

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What Is Jenicka Lopez height?

Jenicka Lopez is 5 feet 5 inches, which is 165 cm. Jenicka is very attractive and is a plus-size model and influencer. Jenicka Lopez's body weight is about 82.1 kilograms, 180 lb. Her body measurements are 42-34-44, which for modeling is an advantage if one plays their cards right. Jenicka has dark black hair, and her eyes color is dark brown. Her appearance is very Latina, and she represents the Latina Big Beautiful Women

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