Krystin Beasley
Krystin Beasley (Photo Source: Cole Beasley's Instagram)

Basically, everyone knows about one of the most famous figures in the football world, Cole Beasley, who had been playing for the Dallas Cowboys but later signed up with the Buffalo Bills. But, instead, today we will talk about his wife, Krystin Beasley, who has been a role model herself, but she is mostly known as Cole Beasley's wife.

Krystin Beasley is an American assistant attorney general and a homemaker who is best known for being the sweetheart of her husband and is always seen standing up for her husband whenever someone tries to criticize him. 

When Was Krystin Beasley Born?

Cole Beasley's wife Krystin Beasley was born on 7th May 1990, in Plainview, Texas, United States. Being born on the 7th of May, her zodiac sign is Taurus, and her nationality is American. In the same way, she belongs to the mixed ethnic background of Black and Asian and follows Christianity as her religion. Krystin's maiden name is Krystin Allain Willis, but she later changed it to Krystin Beasley after her marriage.

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Similarly, she is a perfect mix of her parents, who are both attractive. Her father, Dave Wilkinson, was from Black ethnicity, whereas her mother, Frances Cavazos-Brown, who worked as a licensed realtor, was from an Asian ethnicity. As well, Krystin has two siblings at present who are known as Ashton Blair Herrera and Cameron Taylor Brown. Her step-sister Ashton unfortunately, took her last breath because of an accident in 2007.

Is Krystin Beasley Highly Educated?

Many sources suspect that Krystin attended Little Elm High School situated in Texas and guessed that she first met her present husband, but there has not been any solid proof.

Krystin Beasley

When Did Krystin Beasley Start Her Career?

Reportedly, it is informed that Krystin is currently working at the Illinois Attorney General's Office as an Assistant Attorney General. She likes to work for the sake of the welfare of people and society. However, Krystin doesn't let her work come in the way of her marriage or parenthood, which is why she let Kwame Raoul take her place in the post in 2019.

Who Is The Spouse Of Krystin Beasley? 

Cole Beasley is the husband of Krystin Beasley, and he is an American football wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League (NFL). Meanwhile, Cole has played for more than 6 years in Dallas Cowboys but later decided to leave it.

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He explained that he wasn't given enough opportunities, nor did the fellow Dallas players respect him. In this year's NFL games, Cole was already leading as he participated in 14 games and got 50 receiving yards within five games for Buffalo Bills. But, unfortunately, it was confirmed that the athlete was tested positive for covid-19 on December 18, 2021, and that he will miss the showdown with 'The Patriots.'

Krystin Beasley children.

Likewise, the pair of Krystin and Cole is one of the very famous celebrity couples, and they live up to their title as they have had a healthy relationship forever. It is said that the couple had a very minimalistic wedding on July 28, 2014, at Coppell, Texas. The couple has three children together: Ace Beasley, born in October 2014; Everett Beasley, born in January 2017; and Jovie Carter Beasley, born in January 2019.

Is Krystin Beasley Active On Social Media?

Krystin Beasley once got into a huge controversy when a fan of Cole Beasley insulted him and told him that it was his fault for losing the game in October 2015. In the same way, Krystin was furious, and before she knew it, she was caught up by the media for criticizing back to the fan on Twitter.

Krystin Beasley

Later, Cole Beasley apologized for the situation on behalf of his wife. Followed by Krystin, who deleted her tweets and made her social media accounts private. However, Krystin has an Instagram account with approximately 700 followers. Her Instagram handle is @mrsbease11.

What Is The Net Worth Of Krystin Beasley?

According to the wiki, Krystin's net worth is estimated to be around $1 million to $5million, whereas her husband's net worth is around $15 million with annual pay of $2,200,000. Also, the couple once revealed their home in Texas, where they live with their children. The house was later estimated to be around $360,000.

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What Is The Height And Weight Of Krystin Beasley?

Krystin Beasley is 5 feet 7 inches tall, and she weighs around 66 kg. Likewise, her eyes and hair are identical, and she has a great body despite giving birth to three children.

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