Stacy Silva
Stacy Silva (Image Source: Stacey’s Instagram)

Reality shows are a way to relax and watch other people deal with the issue. Such shows are not scripted and provide the audience with a sense of belongingness, and a unique excitement to know that the people are not acting but are giving real reactions to the situations. There are many realities shows in the entertainment industry, but a show called 90 Days Finance has a different concept. The show revolves around couples who are qualified for a K-1 visa, and then spend 90 days together as fiancé to get married. The show has gained huge popularity and has run for 9 seasons now.

Stacey Silva is one of the contestants in the reality show 90 days fiancé and is known for her appearance in the 2017 season. She is an American actress and reality TV show star, who is recognized for being the twin sister of Darcey Silva.

When Was Stacey Silva Born?

On September 23, 1974, Stacey Silva was born Nancy Silva and Mike Silva in Middletown, Connecticut, USA. There is no detailed information about her parents. Stacey grew up with her twin sister Darcy Silva and her late brother Michael Silva in Connecticut with her family. Her twin sister, Darcy is also a well-recognized TV star and business partner. The twin sisters are very close to each other. And any details about her qualifications and the degree that she holds are unknown.

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Stacey Silva with her sister Darcy

What Does Stacey Silva Do For A Living?

Stacey Silva is a multi-talented personality, she is an actor, singer, designer, and businesswoman. Stacy co-founded the clothing brand House of Eleven which has 61k followers on Instagram. Stacy is also an executive TV and movie producer. Stacey has voiced the characters in many animated movies including Mega Man Dies at the End released in 2012 and the TV series Sonic for Hire released in 2011. Silva also appeared in the TV show called Saturday Morning Movies released in 2013 and Neon Konbini released in 2021.

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The Twin sisters have worked are partners in many business ventures like releasing the pop single together called Lock Your Number. They together created the reality show called The Twin life in 2010. And later founded the entertainment company called Eleventh Entertainment. In 2020, The sisters announced of getting their show called Darcy and Silva. The show is now renewed for 4 seasons.

Who Is Stacey Silva Married To?

Stacey Silva is married to her 90-day fiancé's partner named Florian Sukaj. Her husband is an Albanian fitness model. The wedding took place on 8 May 2019. The duo has been together for more than 5 years before deciding to tie the knot in 2019. Stacy was also married before to a soccer player named Goran Vasic and has kids with her former husband. They have two sons; Mateo Vasic and Parker Vasic.

Stacey Silva with her husband Florian Sukaj

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How Much Is Stacey Silva’s Net Worth?

Stacey Silva has an estimated net worth of $5 million as per the wiki. Her major source of income is her earnings from TV reality shows and being a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. Her company House of Eleven has a variety of products in the market including sunglasses, hoops, necklaces, and many more. Stacey is also active on social media and has 628k followers on her Instagram handle.

How Tall Is Stacey Silva?

Stacey Silva has an average height of 5 feet 1 inch and weighs around 68 kg at the age of 49. Silva is not shy when it comes to being fashionable and body positive. Her physical appearance consists of blonde hair with blue colored eyes. She has also been known for undergoing plastic surgery, both sisters have done plastic surgery that included breast argumentations, liposuction, and more. Both sisters have openly talked about their surgery.

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