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Jamie Foxx is a prominent media personality who has constantly evolved throughout his career from a comedian to an actor, singer-songwriter, and record producer.

Born Eric Marlon Bishop on 13 December 1967, he began playing the piano at the age of 5 and as a teenager, he was a part-time pianist and choir leader. Later, he also earned a scholarship to United States International University to study music and performing arts composition.

Oscar-winner Jamie is pretty much the epitome of talent who has been delivering incredible performances and has always managed to get under the skin of the character skilfully. In his career span, Jamie has performed in over 40 movies and over 15 television shows and series.

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Here, let’s have an insight into his 5 top movies of all time according to IMDb and also about his upcoming projects.

Top 5 Best Movies Of Jamie Foxx 

  1. Law Abiding Citizen (IMDb Rating: 7.4/10)

Jaime Foxx plays the role of an unscrupulous cop in the 2009 vigilante action thriller movie “Law Abiding Citizen”. Directed by Felix Gary Gray, the movie stars the main cast, Gerard Butler, as Clyde Alexander Shelton and Jamie Foxx as Nicholas “Nick” Rice. 

The movie tells the story of a frustrated man, Clyde Alexander who decides to take justice into his own hands and his quest to expose the broken justice system. He witnesses the brutal murder of his wife and young daughter however, one of the murderers was plead guilty to 3rd-degree murder and received a lighter sentence as rising prosecutor Nick Rice had made a deal with him.

Reflecting on the flaws of the American justice system the film has a point to make and it didn’t beat around the bush about anything and it left no questions unanswered. It ends leaving audiences satisfied. 

  1. Collateral (IMDb Rating: 7.5/10)

Directed and produced by Michael Kenneth Mann, the 2004 neo-noir crime thriller movie, Collateral stars Tom Cruise as Vincent and Jamie Foxx as Max Durocher.

The movie follows a LA taxi driver named Max (Jamie Foxx) as he meets and becomes intertwined with a customer named Vincent (Tom Cruise) who is a secret hitman. 

Jamie Foxx’s astounding performance in the movie Collateral won him several awards for the best supporting actor category. Such as 

  • The Black Reel Awards

  • Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association

  • Critics’ Choice Awards, NAACP Image Awards

  • Online Film Critics Society

  • Satellite Awards 

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  1. Baby Driver (IMDb Rating: 7.6/10)

Directed by Edgar Wright, the 2017 action film Baby Driver involves a young but immensely talented getaway driver contracted to a master-criminal named Doc who is trying to get out of the crime life and live a normal life with his girlfriend.

Jamie portrayed the role of Leon “Bats” Jefferson III who is a ruthless henchman. Baby driver is overall a fun-ride movie that is shot in a slick and artistic way.

  1. Ray (IMDb Rating 7.7/10)

Jamie is an incredibly charismatic and electric performer who is a born artist. Jamie portrays the role of musician Ray Charles in the 2004 American biographical musical drama film “Ray”.

Ray is an independently produced film that focuses on 30 years in the life of Rhythm and blues (R&B or R’n’B) musician Ray Charles. 

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Starring in the title role, Jamie portrays the life of the legendary musician, Ray Charles, from his humble beginnings to his rise in stardom, his influence on the music industry, and the impact he left in the country.

Jamie’s outstanding performance in the movie bagged him various awards for the best actor category which includes:

  • Academy Awards

  • British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards

  • Golden Globe Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards 

  • Black Reel Awards

  • Boston Society of Film Critics

  •  Critics’ Choice Awards

  • Florida Film Critics Circle

  •  Hollywood Film Festival

  • Kansas City Film Critics Circle

  • Las Vegas Film Critics Society

  • London Film Critics’ Circle

  • NAACP Image Awards

  • National Board of Review

  •  National Society of Film Critics 

  • Satellite Awards

  •  Southeastern Film Critics Association 

  • Vancouver Film Critics Circle

  • Washington DC Area Film Critics Association

  1. Django Unchained (IMDb Rating: 8.4/10)

Directed by Quentin Tarantino the 2012 revisionist Western film Django Unchained stars versatile personality Jamie Foxx as Django Freeman, Christoph Waltz as Dr. King Schultz, Leonardo DiCaprio as "Monsieur" Calvin J. Candie, Kerry Washington as Broomhilda "Hildi" von Shaft, and Samuel L. Jackson as Stephen Warren

Quentin’s film “Django Unchained” is one of his most entertaining pieces of movie-making whose first half is excruciatingly funny and all of it has been brought off in a spirit of burlesque merriment. The first half of the movie is mock Western while the second is a mock-revenge melodrama about slavery and its ending consists of fountains of redemptive spurting blood.

In the movie, Jamie portrays the role of a black bounty hunter (Django Freeman) who kills white outlaws and gets paid for his trouble.

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For his performance in Django, he won MTV Movie & TV Awards for the best performance and Black Reel Awards for best actor category.

Jamie’s Latest And Upcoming Movies

Since the start of his acting career, Jamie has starred in a variety of movies and projects, ranging from biopics to superhero blockbusters both in OTT platforms and television, and justified the role at its best.

Alongside the success of his movies, he was first given his own television show known as “The Jamie Foxx Show” which also became a hit. Other than that, another musical game show Beat Shazam is still on the air in which his eldest daughter Corinne Foxx co-hosts with him.

Jamie Foxx daughter.

In 2020, he portrayed the role of Art Reilly in the American superhero film “Project Power” and gave voice to Joseph “Joe” Gardner in the computer-animated film “Soul”. Soul became the only film ever to win an Oscar for Best Animated Feature without playing in U.S. movie theaters.

In 2021, he created and produced the Netflix comedy series “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!”.

As of 2021, he will be seen in the upcoming film “All-Star Weekend”, “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. Furthermore, his other upcoming movies are “Geechee”, “They Cloned Tyrone”, “Day Shift”, “God Is A Bullet”. 

  • Jamie Foxx and Mike Tyson 

Moreover, Oscar winner Jamie will also be playing the role of boxing great Mike Tyson in the new biographical limited series. The biopic limited TV series is said to span the whole of Tyson’s life ad its title is simply “Tyson”.

Jamie Foxx and Mike Tyson.

Jamie Foxx first met Mike Tyson at the age of 22 when he was performing stand-up comedy.

As an incline in his movie career each year, Jamie's earnings from movies and earning from shows are also inclining.

As an actor, singer-songwriter, and producer Jamie Foxx musters a whooping net worth of about $150 million. 

Additionally, Jamie is also the owner of brown sugar-flavored whiskey named “Brown Sugar Bourbon-BSB”.

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