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Australia has a sporting-rich culture, one which can rival the most sportiest of countries around the world. There are numerous games that are played across the nation, with some being exclusive to Oz, while others might as well be given how good they are to the game.

Most will immediately associate games like cricket and rugby with the Land Down Under, with the national teams of both disciplines being highly successful. Both have had quality players throughout history, contributing to their success as one of the top countries in each game. Aussie rules football is exclusive to the country but is a very big deal across its six states.

Given its rich heritage for competitive activities, it should not be a surprise that the country is also home to a culture for gaming. Video games are extremely popular across the nation, with new data suggesting that 81% of all Australians engage in the pastime and 94% of homes have a device capable of playing these titles. 

e sports

It is not just video games, though, as all forms of gaming are popular. Gambling is a popular activity across the nation, with more than AUS$17 billion being spent in 2020 on electronic gaming machines. However, this number has increased significantly in recent years, especially with the rise of online casinos.

Players can now search and use online casinos in Australia for real money prizes to enhance their passion for this type of gaming. They are able to obtain better bonuses and trusted experiences through the accessibility that is now offered. This is something that many are already enjoying, with the figures suggesting that there has been an increase in the number of adults participating over the last decade or so.

Sports betting has been a popular sub-section of the gambling industry that Aussies have also participated in proficiently. Recent figures revealed that turnover had surpassed more than AUS$50 billion by Australian sports betting companies. Given its rich history with sports, it makes a lot of sense. However, the rise of eSports may have contributed significantly, too, especially as there are some talented players hailing from Oz on the scene.

e sports

Australia’s success eSports stars

Australia’s passion and enthusiasm for gaming are easy to spot, and it seems it may have been something that has led to a positive eSports industry for the country. The nation is home to some of the top players, with a handful of people enjoying an incredible amount of success as a competitive gamer.


‘ana’ - Anathan Pham - is Australia’s most successful player in terms of prize money generated, with the world’s no. 3 ranked player having generated more than AUS$6 million. The 22-year-old is a Dota 2 player, and won half of his prize money in a single competition, with more than AU$3 million being obtained winning The International 2019.


Damien Chok - who plays under the tag ‘kpii’ - is Australia’s second-most successful in terms of prize money, with the 30-year-old also having plenty of success while playing Dota 2 (the game in which most Australians appear to be successful in). He has made almost AUS $2 million in prize money, but much like Pham, he appears to have slowed down in terms of the number of events he participates in.


‘TGLTN’ is a gamer that may be more familiar to those who watch or play Call of Duty and PUBG, but James Giezen has managed to climb the rankings as the country’s no. 3 player. The 23-year-old has almost made AUS$700,000 playing these games, winning almost half of it (AUS$324,000) at the PGI.S 2021 Main Event tournament.

Sports stars from Australia have graced video game covers

Aside from Australian eSports gamers, there have been more “traditional” sports athletes who have been able to influence gaming directly in their own ways. There have been some who have been so good throughout their careers that they have been given the honor to grace the cover of video games.

The late great Shane Warne was the cover star of the PlayStation game that used his own name, “Shane Warne Cricket ‘99” by Codemasters (who used Brian Lara elsewhere), while Sam Kerr was recently used as a cover star on the FIFA 23 release. The Matildas’ striker made history doing so, as the Chelsea star became the first-ever female to be used by EA Sports as the cover player.

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