Grace Hayba
Grace Hayba (Photo Source: Grace's Instagram)

One of the key ingredients to a successful life is passion. Most people argue that hard work and talent are the crucial elements. But, hard work doesn’t just come if your heart doesn’t feel right and talent is something one develops. Like it’s said, “Double hard work beats talent if talent does not work hard”. 

So, if we really have to list out people living their best lives by doing the work they’re most passionate about, then the name Grace Hayba must most make it at tops. The name also made its top TV Reporter category for the Kentucky Association of Broadcasters Impact Broadcast Awards. 

Where Is Grace Hayba Originally From? 

Grace Hayba’s birthday is not known for she never posts, tweets or snaps anything about her birthday. Yeah! Nice way to cover up the age. She grew up in a small town in Northern Virginia, USA. But, her age must be somewhere between 25 to 27, for she started college in the year 2015 and graduated in the year 2019. 

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Her LinkedIn suggests that she attended Penn State University to attend a degree in Communications and Broadcast Journalism. She was really active in college where she was engaged in Alpha Xi Delta, THON Dancer Relation Committee, and Mary Beaver White Building. 

Hayba’s wish to be a journalist dates back to her childhood in grade five. She was asked to give a presentation on National News and trend. She instantly fell in love with News. She also loved to read morning announcements. She credits these experiences and her fifth-grade teacher for her career. 

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How did Grace Hayba get a job at WDRB? 

Hayba started interning during her college days. She worked as a Refugee Olympics intern where she made scripts for interviews, and later as AISTS Transcriptionist.

She then worked as a Show Host for “A Taste of State College” for almost two years. Then, she went on to Walt Disney World to work as College Program Intern to use her Cooperate knowledge. After that in the year 2018, she finally worked as a Reporter/ Anchor for The Center Country Reports for five months. She then worked for NBC Washington as Newsroom Intern for four months. 

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She also worked at Jimmy Kimmel Live! In Hollywood, CA as an intern and assisted with audience coordination and operations. In the year 2019, Grace Hayba started working as a Multimedia Reporter / Producer for Eyewitness News. She worked there for a year and three months. Finally, in the September of 2020, Grace started working for WDRB as an Anchor / Reporter in Louisville-Jefferson County, Kentucky. 

She loves to be a reporter for her Twitter bio reads 

“Award-winning WDRB News Anchor/Reporter | Known to shout the phrase, “WE ARE!” 💙🤍 | Have a story idea? Email me: [email protected]

She goes by the name Grace Hayba on Twitter. 

Who Is Grace Hayba Dating?

Grace Hayba is an expert when it comes to keeping her private affairs to herself. Very little is known about her family. She is said to have five siblings but their names are unknown. From a public point of view, Grace isn’t married and has no husband. Her dating partner is also unknown. It is safe to say that she is single or she wants us to think that way. 

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Grace Hayba

Even the jokes about her single life on Instagram. She posted a picture captioned 

“Everyone on my feeds is either posting engagement or wedding pics so here’s me with a mimosa to spice up your timeline instead🍊”

What is the net worth of Grace Hayba? 

The net worth of Grace Hayba remains unknown. But, according to sources, a base salary for News Anchor in Louisville, Kentucky (where grace works) is from $48,064 to $79,029 which sums up to the base salary of $ 59, 928.  

So, we can expect her Net worth to range between  $60K to $70K

How tall is Grace Hayba?

Grace Hayba's height is as tall as she needs to be. She has black hair and black eyes.

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