Hollie Strano
Hollie Strano (Photo Source: Hollie's Instagram)

In the realm of television personalities, few have managed to capture the hearts of viewers as effectively as Hollie Strano. With a career defined by her warm presence, meteorological expertise, and unwavering commitment to her community, Strano has become a beloved figure in the world of broadcasting.

Born with a natural curiosity about the intricacies of weather patterns, she transformed her childhood fascination into a lifelong vocation, enlightening audiences not only about the ever-changing climate but also about the essence of connection that transcends the screen.

How Old Is Hollie Strano From Channel 3?

Channel 3’s meteorologist Hollie Strano will be 50 years old in terms of her age in her birthday of 2023. She was born on 3rd December 1972 in Lyndhurst, Cleveland, Ohio. She was raised by her parents Mike Strano (Father) and Joni Strano (Mother) alongside her two siblings. She has a brother named Michael and a sister named Stephanie. 

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Hollie Strano with her parents

Among her family members, her mom is one of the most known people to Hollie’s followers as Joni is found sharing family’s holiday recipes through the channel.

Where Did Hollie Strano Graduated From?

Hollow Strano has two degrees from two different Universities. She first earned a communication degree from John Carroll University and later earned a meteorology degree from Mississippi State University. 

Prior to that, she attended Notre Dame Cathedral High School.

What Is Hollie Strano Famous For?

Hollie Strano gained prominence for her work in the Cleveland, Ohio area, where she spent the majority of her broadcasting career.

Hollie Strano worked at WKYC-TV, the NBC affiliate in Cleveland, for many years. She served as the morning and noon meteorologist, delivering weather forecasts to viewers in Northeast Ohio. Her friendly and approachable on-air presence made her a familiar face to many in the region.

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She is also the morning meteorologist and anchor on 3GO and later she can also be seen in the Today show where she will be doing weather news.

Aside from her meteorological work, Hollie Strano also contributed to various community and charitable events. She was known for her involvement in local initiatives and her efforts to connect with the audience on a personal level.

Is Hollie Strano Married?

Yes, meteorologist Hollie Strano was previously married to her partner Brian Toohig. Hollie and her former husband are parents of 2 kids together, a daughter named Jessica Toohig and a son named Grady Toohig. The pair got divorced in the year 2011.

After her divorce from her second husband, Hollie found love back again in her life. Her new love interest Alex Giangreco is a mixologist who is the native of Buffalo.

Hollie Strano kids

Their dating life soon turned into a marriage after Alex proposed to her with an oval diamond ring. After they got engaged, Hollie and her new partner Alex tied the wedding knot on 15th June 2014. They held out a private wedding ceremony in Florida with around 200+ guests which included closest friends and family.

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However, her second marriage also ended up in divorce and they parted ways in 2017. Hollie’s second divorce had a huge impact on her mental health and  had trouble dealing with anxiety. So, she set up mental health counseling. She later shared her experience through social medias in 2019 after she started feeling a bit better. 

What Is Hollie Strano Net Worth?

Hollie Strano has a net worth of about $60k and her salary is estimated to be about $60k to $74k in a year. 

Besides being a TV presenter and a meteorologist, Hollie also has a good social media presence. She is active in social media platforms like, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

How Tall Is Hollie Strano?

Hollie Strano stand at a height of about 5 feet and 2 inches (157cm) and weighs around 55kgs (55kgs). Regarding Hollie Strano’s weight loss, she lost weight when she was mentally disturbed. However, after the constant support from her family and friends alongside her personal effort Hollie has now been getting better day by day.

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