Julien Solomita
Julien Solomita (Image Source: Julien’s Instagram)

There are many influential people out there who are conscious about the environment and dedicated a portion of their wealth to the earth. The social media personality are more invested people such as Mr. Beast, PewDiePie, Tyler Oakley, John Green, and many more often have content related to advocating for people and environmental welfare. They love to share money with their audience in a sustainable way. YouTubers are now becoming more famous and wealthy day by day with great content and motive. Similarly, today we are going to discuss a YouTuber who cares about his environment enough to become a Vegan chef.

American content producer Julien Solomita is also a professional gamer, vegan chef, musician, and ghost hunter. He is mostly recognized for being Jenna Marbles wife, a YouTuber.

Who Are Julien Solomita Parents?

On April 17, 1992, Julien Solomita was born to Lisa and San Fran Solomita in North California. Julien’s favorite sport is Baseball but met with an accident on his right arm which left him with a spinal injury. Julien’s parents got divorced when he was young and later her mother married Ted, who is Julien’s stepfather.

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Julien grew up with family and siblings in Los Angeles a brother named Marlon Solomita and a sister named Roxanne Solomita and has three step-siblings named Josh, Jake, and Jessica. Julian has 5 pet dogs named Mr. Marbles, Kermit, Peach, Bunny, and Loni.

Julien Solomita with his dog

What Does Julian Solomita Do For A Living?

Julian Solomita started his YouTube channel on December 8, 2012. And now, he has two channels on, the main one is called Julien Solomita and the second one is called Julien 2. His primary channel is about his food and cooking content where he posts ways to cook vegan and healthy foods. Whereas his secondary channel has content related to his gaming and twitch highlights. Julian also has a website where he sells products like sweatshirts, shirts, hats, and miscellaneous.

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Julian is also recognized by his wife’s name and fame. His wife Jenna is one of the biggest YouTubers in America. Julian has also been nominated for the shorty award for Best Vlogger. Julien is also the owner and founder of Peloton Bikes and can speak fluently in English, French, and Spanish.

Who Is Julian Solomita Married To?

Julian Solomita is married to Jenna Marbles. The duo got engaged in April 2021 and shared the news on their channel. His wife is a YouTuber, a comedian, and an actress. Jenna and Julian dated each other for a long period before tying the knot in November 2022. They announced the news of their marriage on a stream on their Instagram and YouTube channels. His wife’s YouTube channel has over 20 million subscribers with more than 1.7 billion views. Julian and Jenna have not yet made any discussion about having kids. Recently, someone tried to break into their home after two months of harassment.

Julien Solomita with his wife Jenna  

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How Much Is Julian Solomita Net Worth?

As of the wiki, Julian Solomita has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. His major source of income is his YouTube channel and brand promotions of many brands on her social media handles. Before he started his YouTube channel, Julian worked at a radio station and gained an interest in media. Later he worked as a bartender where he met Jenna. Julian is currently sponsored by Asus and posts his vegan recipe on his cooking channel. His Instagram has 1.3 million followers with only 16 posts and his YouTube channel has 2.5 million subscribers on a channel called Julien Solomita.

How Tall Is Julian Solomita?

Julian Solomita has a height of 5 feet and 11 inches and weighs around 80 kg at the age of 31. Julian has his arms covered in many tattoos with a full back tattoo. He often changes his hair colors and style though his original curly hair is dark brown colored and has blue colored eyes. Julian now is also seen wearing nail polish.

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