Kountry Wayne
Kountry Wayne (Photo Source: Kountry's Instagram)

Kountry Wayne, whose real name is Wayne Colley, is a popular American comedian, actor, and social media personality. He gained widespread recognition through his humorous videos, skits, and stand-up comedy performances, which he often shares on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube

His comedy style revolves around his observations on everyday life, relationships, and family dynamics, often drawing from his own experiences as a father of several children. He uses his distinctive Southern accent and relatable content to connect with his audience and has amassed a large following on social media.

How old is Kountry Wayne?

Wayne Colley aka Kountry Wayne was born on 9th December 1987 so, he is 35 years old and will turn 36 on his birthday in 2023. Kountry was born to his parents in Waynesboro, Georgia and was raised alongside 4 siblings namely Prince Tay, Crenshaw Coley, QB, and D’Arby. 

His dad spent 3 years in prison and was out in November 2019. Kountry sent the news of his father’s release on his Instagram account. On the other hand, his mother is likely to have passed away. 

Kountry Wayne parents

Regarding Kountry’s educational background, he attended Jenkins County High School in Georgia. 

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Kountry Wayne First Wife

Kountry first tied the knot with Gena Colley on 20th June 2017. His former wife is an actress. 

Gena is also the baby mama of his two kids, both daughters namely Melissa and Honest Dream Colley. 

However, their relationship started falling apart when Kountry supposedly had an extramarital affair with comedian Jess Hilarious. 

Gena even shared the screenshot of his husband’s conversation on her Instagram story while doing a Q&A with her fans. 

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Gena even branded Jess as a home wrecker but Jess took to Instagram to clear the air and also revealed that she would not tolerate being labelled as such. 

The duo then finally separated a year later their marriage in 2018 and their divorce was finalized in 2019. 

Kountry Wayne And Jess Hilarious

Kourtney was rumoured to have dated Jessica Moore aka Jess Hilarious. Their dating rumors surfaced in 2019 after he divorced his baby mama. However, later Kountry was seen spending his Valentine’s day with his ex-wife and kids. 

How Many Children Does Kountry Wayne Have?

Kountry Wayne has 10 children in total, 3 sons and 7 daughters. Temar, Tony, Christiana, Malia, Melissa and Honest are his six kids. 

Kountry first became a father at the age of 17 to his son Tony Colley. Kountry welcomed Tony with his high school sweetheart.

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Kountry Wayne children

By the age of 22, Kountry was already the father of 7 kids and after the birth of 2 daughters with his wife, he was said to be the parent of 9 kids. However, in the year 2021, Kountry found out that he has a 13-year-old son and as a man of Jesus he accepted his new found baby boy into his family.

Additionally, Wayne regards all of his children as his blessings and adds that they have helped him be more focused. 

What Is Kountry Wayne's Net Worth?

Kountry whose initial dream was to be a singer is now famous an a comedian and amasses a net worth of $2 million. 

He has a good social media presence with around 3.5 million followers on his Instagram and around 832k YouTube Subscribers. 

As per the wiki, he also has published his memoir named Help Is on the Way: Stay Up and Live Your Truth.

How Tall Is Kountry Wayne?

Kountry Wayne is 5 feet and 8 inches tall interms of height.

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