Maddie Lambert
Maddie Lambert (Image Source: Maddie’s Instagram)

Social media has been a great platform that has empowered young mothers and helped them make a living in various ways. It has enabled young mothers to explore flexible work opportunities such as freelancing, or running an online business on several platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. This platform has created a space to build personal branding by sharing experiences and unique stories. They get a chance to collaborate with fellow social media personalities and generate income through sponsored content and affiliate marketing.

Maddie Lambert is a social media celebrity who has faced a lot of backlash for getting pregnant in her teens which also made her famous at a young age. She is an established YouTube celebrity with more than 1.5 million subscribers.

Who Are Maddie Lambert’s Parents?

On 11 April 2003, Maddie Lambert was born to Melissa Dossett and Sam L. Dossett in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Maddie’s father is a businessman while her mother is a housewife. She grew up in a family of seven with four siblings, two younger brothers Slate Axle Dossett, and Stone Lambert, and two younger sisters named Avelina ‘Avie’ Lambert, and River Lambert. Maddie’s zodiac sign is Aries. As for her education, Maddie become a high school dropout and did not get the chance to study higher education because of the birth of her daughter.

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What Is Maddie Lambert Famous For?

Maddie Lambert is famous for her YouTube channel which she self-started in August 2014 and shared her debut video title named Single Mom at 14: My Story in May 2018. Her content’s primary goal was not to encourage underage pregnancy but to educate pregnant girls on how to handle it gracefully. After the birth of her daughter, Maddie’s vlog included morning and afternoon routines with the baby, shopping vlogs, and collective videos with her family. Maddie is now an established social media personality and has built a career on that platform.

Who Is Maddie Lambert Married To?

Maddie Lambert is a 20-year-old YouTube star who has a three years old daughter named Everly Joy Lambert with her ex-boyfriend Isaac Frausto. Maddie is not yet married and does not have a husband but has now built a family with her baby girl. Maddie got pregnant at the age of 13 and her daughter was born on January 15, 2018.

She initially thought about getting an abortion or giving her daughter up for adoption but Maddie changed her mind after she saw her first ultrasound. After she knew about her pregnancy, Maddie went online and started her online career journey but faced online trolls from her fans and used to say,

‘I hope you guys die in labor’.

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Maddie Lambert announcing the news of her second pregnancy 

Her ex-partner and baby daddy, Isaac did not meet Everly until she was 10 months old but now, they are co-parenting their daughter. Maddie admitted that the media portrayal of teen moms has been really negative in reality shows such as MTV’s Teen Mom.

After Maddie told her ex-Isaac at the age of 15, he did not believe her at first. However, despite their past issues, Maddie and Isaac have now found a way to co-parent their daughter knowing that was the best decision for their daughter. Recently, Maddie announced the news of her second pregnancy on July 24, 2023, with her boyfriend, Randy Crowley, and revealed via caption that her delivery due date is coming April 2024.

Maddie Lambert with her daughter and boyfriend, Randy Crowley 

How Much Is Maddie Lambert’s Net Worth?

As of the wiki, Maddie Lambert has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million with her major source of income being the salary earned as a social media star. She has earned most of her income with her social media platform by endorsing and promoting several brands. Maddie has collaborated with several brands such as MyHeritage DNA, PinchMe, and Current.

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Maddie has a merch store named Maddie and Everly which features several products including hoodies, bags, stickers, and shirts of different sizes and colors. Maddie is a huge social media personality and has over 280k followers on her Instagram account, and 1.2 million followers on her TikTok account. Maddie has a YouTube channel in her name which has 1.8 million subscribers with only 622 videos and 23 million views.

How Tall Is Maddie Lambert?

Maddie Lambert has a slim body built with a height of 5 feet 2 inches and weighs around 50 kg at the age of 20. After her pregnancy, Maddie understood the importance of her health and fitness. Maddie’s physical appearance consists of blonde colored hair and blue-colored eyes.

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