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Mark Morton(photo source: Mark's instagram)

Entertainment industries have given so much to people whether it is wealth or fame it has given everything to the people who are involved in this field. Music is also one of the forms of entertainment it gives people a sense of reliving and the feeling of good in your life. There are many genres of music rock, pop, ballad, jazz and so much more, among them, Heavy metal music has also played a vital role in the success of music. Heavy metal is the genre of rock music that was founded in the late 1960s and in the early 1970s and was famous in the United Kingdom and the USA. Today we are talking about one of the sensations of heavy metal, “Mark Morton”.

Mark Morton is an American musician who has been in a heavy metal group called Lamb of God, back 1989 to now. He is also a digital projects manager and a songwriter who is also a lead guitarist of the group. The genres of his music are heavy metal, groove metal, metalcore, thrash metal as well as hard rock.

How Old Is Mark Morton?

Musician Mark Morton was born on November 25, 1972 and he grew up near Williamsburg, Virginia. There is no specific information about his father and mother as well as siblings. But he seems to be very close to his mother and feels grateful to have her as a mom. Moreover, his mom is from German. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. He is an American by nationality.

Mark Morton with his mother when he was young.

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From Where Did Mark Morton Finish His Education?

Mark Morton attended Virginia Commonwealth University where he met his band members Chris Adler and John Campbell who were floor mates. Years later they formed the group called Burn the Priest and after forming the group Morton left for his master's degree.

When Mark Morton Started His Career?

According to the wiki, Mark Morton started his journey as a guitarist when he was in his first band called Axis, which was composed of other local youth, one being Ryan Lake. He met his bandmates Chris Adler and John Campbell as roommates back in 1990 at Virginis Commonwealth University. And after several years later they formed a group called “Burn the Priest”. But he left to pursue his master's degree that is when the group added the band guitarist Abe Spear and Vocalist Randy Blythe. He was even credited as 'Duane' on the album "New American Gospel" which was one of the major album releases of the band Lamb of God.

Mark Morton with his band member Randy performing in Charleston, sc.

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Perhaps, He composes and plays every rhythm in his band. And he is known for the utilization of pentatonic scales and harmonic minor scales and he is mostly known for his blues style in his music. Some of his gear consists of various Jackson guitars and one of his main signature guitars is known to be Dominian TM including a Rhoads style and swee-Tone archtop strung with GHS Bommer strings 10-46 tuned to drop-D, loaded with Seymour Duncan '59 in the bridge and a Duncan jazz in the neck.

He has recently developed a signature "Dominion" pickup with Dimarzio, which he is now using in his signature guitars and onstage Morton used two dual mesa boogie mark v heads amplifiers with Mesa 4X14 cabinets his rack gear includes a Sennheiser wireless system, a DBX 266XL compressor/noise gate, and a splitter box, he only uses a few pedals on stage, Original Cry Baby wah pedal, MXR Eddie Van Halen Phase 90 which makes his solos sear, MXR GT-OD overdrive pedal, and a boss tuning pedal and recently, it has been rumoured that a signature Cry Baby wah might be in the production. 

He is known for writing many songs under Lambs of God and some of them are descending, vigil, and remorse for the death. He once mentioned that he likes to toss in the wildcard, in the DVD documenting making. When you toss the wildcard on every toss one of them winds up being really special because it’s that different. They have released many albums from 1989 to till date and some of them are As the Places Burn, Ashes of the Wake, Sacrament, Wrath, Resolution, and recently they have released album Omens. He has also written some of the traditional songs for his band such as Now You’ve Got Something to Die For, Red Neck, and Walk with Me in the hell.

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Is Mark Morton Married?

Mark Morton is married to his beautiful wife Karrie Lynn Morton. Mark tied the wedding knot with his wife back in 2006.

Back in 2015, he wished her a birthday through his social site saying,

‘Happy Birthday to my beautiful Karrie Lynn… my loving & devoted wife of almost 9 years! (And yay! I think she likes her b-day present!!!)

That specifies that the couple got married in the year 2006. Although he is not so public about his relationships, he occasionally shares posts with his wife on his social media handle.

However, Mark and his wife Karrie no longer seem to be together as he is now. Mark is now together with his lady love Brittany Scott who goes by the name rocketflowers on her Instagram. 

Mark's probable second wife, Brittany is the host of the podcast Growing Roots in a Food Desert available in Spotify. Moreover, she has earned an Associates of Arts Degree from J Sargeant Reynolds Community College with a major in Liberal arts, American Sign Language/Deaf Studies. 

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Talking about his children, he only had one daughter with his first wife but recently he became the dad of two daughters. His second daughter Meadow Edith Morton was born on May 18th, 2021 and he even shared the arrival of the baby girl via an Instagram post with a caption that read,

“I am the luckiest dude I have even ever heard of” with a heart emoji

As Mark is now a father of 2 beautiful daughters he might be an exceptional parent for his children. Furthermore, Mark and his wife Karrie's first child, a daughter named Madalyn Grace Morton died in Mark's arms due to the infection the baby developed during delivery.

Mark Morton with his new partner and daughter

What Is The Total Net Worth Of Mark Morton?

Mark Morton is the main Guitarist of the group Lambs of God and wrote and composed many songs for the group which brings him tons of wealth. He earns from his main occupation of being a guitarist and his total net worth is estimated at $2 million.

How Tall Is Mark Morton?

Mark Morton is a lead guitarist to the heavy metal group whose height is 5ft 11 inches and his weight is 95kg he has light brown hair and his eyes are also light brown in color.

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