Maxim Baldry
Maxim Baldry (Photo Source: Maxim's Instagram)

The six-part series, Years and Years (2019), is a science fiction drama that premiered on BBC One and HBO. Maxim Baldry is one of the cast members that played the love interest of the lead character played by Russell Tovey. Maxim  Baldry is a British actor who has shown his phenomenal performances on television. 

Maxim Alaxander Baldry is known for his best work in 'Years and Years' as Viktor Goraya, a Ukrainian refugee. He portrays the role of a gay man in the closet, and he does it well. Apart from that, Maxim Baldry has been in talks for the recent few weeks since he was announced as one of the leads in the legendary most awaited spin-off of 'The Lord of the Rings,' the TV Show.

When Was Maxim Baldry Born?

Maxim Baldry is a British actor born on 1996 January 5, making his age 26. Despite being born in Redhill, United Kingdom, Maxim spent most of his childhood growing up between two cities, Moscow and Warshaw. Maxim Baldry is multiracial. His parents are from two different countries, his mother Carina Baldry is from Russia whereas, his father, Simon Baldry is from the United Kingdom. Maxim Baldry has one brother as his siblings whose name is Vic Baldry.

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Maxim Baldry with his mother Carina Baldry

What is Maxim Baldry Education Background?

Since Maxim Baldry lived in multiple cities throughout his childhood, his educational institutes changed per city. Although, after moving back to the United Kingdom in 2003, he went to Gayhurst School Trust and is known to have been an athletic student. Maxim Baldry also went to Stoke Mandeville Combined School and Jackie Palmer High School. Maxim showed his interest in acting at a very young age and has been involved in the entertainment industry since the age of 9, in 2005.

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Is Maxim Baldry Married?

Maxim Baldry's love life relates to his last name and is unfortunately very dry. There have been no records of him dating anyone in the past. Maxim's sexuality is pretty undisclosed but for us fans him dating Russell Tovey would be dream come true. Even though Russell played the character of a married man, his falling for Maxim's character in the show was extremely cute and wholesome. These two actually dating in real life would have made sense only if Russell were single. Unfortunately, it just remains an on-screen love story. Thus, no, Maxim Baldry is not married either.

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Maxim Baldry

What Is Maxim Baldry Net Worth?

Maxim Baldry has a total Net Worth of $3 million. Maxim Baldry has been a part of multiple successful hit shows so, him being a millionaire makes perfect sense, and the fact that he has been acting for almost two decades suffices to say that he is definitely a millionaire. Maxim Baldry also has been a part of movies and TV shows with big names such as Rowan Atkinson in 'Mr. Bean's Holiday' (2007), which uplifts his career. Maxim Baldry is also introduced as one of the lead roles in 'The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power' as Isildur.

Maxim Baldry

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What Is Maxim Baldry Height?

Maxim Baldry is 5 feet 10 inches, 177.8cm. Maxim weighs about 62 kilograms which equals 136.6 lbs. Maxim Baldry has a lean body with toned features which makes him look even taller than he actually is. Maxim mostly rocks his long hair. He has brown hair and brown eyes, that a lot of people seem to find attractive. His body proportions are 39-29-37. Wiki says, Maxim Baldry has been in the movie industry for more than 15 years and his acting is considered very versatile throughout the roles he has played.

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