Vivian Olyphant
Vivian Olyphant (Image Source: Vivian's Instagram)

Having a parent in the entertainment industry can indeed provide several benefits to an individual. Hollywood is a highly competitive and influential field with a massive global impact and opportunity. They can easily get exposure to the industry because of their parent and access to several resources such as top-notch acting coaches, vocal trainers, and other resources to enhance an individual’s skills and talent. Likewise, today we will learn about an actor, Vivian Olyphant who is the daughter of an established American actor, Timothy Olyphant.

Vivian Olyphant is an American actor who has risen to fame after her recent acting debut in the crime and drama series called Justified: City Primeval. Similarly, life long she has been recognized as Timothy Olyphant's daughter.

Who Are Vivian Olyphant’s Parents?

In 2003, Vivian Olyphant was born to Daisy Jones & the Six Star, Timothy Olyphant, and Alexis Knief in the US. Vivian’s father and mother met each other at the University of Southern California and after dating for a few months in 1991 they got married. Vivian grew up in a family of five with two older siblings.

She is the youngest and has an older sister named Grace Katherine Olyphant born on June 19, 1999, who is a successful tennis player at California Polytechnic State University and has taken up a career in fashion. Vivian has an older brother named Henry Olyphant who keeps his life in the spotlight. As for education, Vivian was an acting student at William Esper Studio and also studied songwriting at Berklee College of Music.

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What Is Vivian Olyphant Famous For?

Vivian Olyphant has been the talk of the media since her birth. She is famous for being the daughter of an established and renowned actor Timothy Olyphant. Her father is an Emmy Nominated actor who is recognized for playing a lead role in the horror movie sequel called Scream 2 as Mickey Altieri, Hollywood Jack in A Man Apart, and many more.

Vivian herself made her acting debut recently in the crime and drama series called Justified: City Primeval which has been a success. Vivian shares the screen with her father Willa Givens the daughter of Raylan Givens played by Timothy. Vivian is a talented person and has both the skill of acting and singing. She recently released her first-ever song called “Lil More Reason” on NYLON. Vivian wrote the song after hanging out with her parents while shooting Justified: City Primeval in Chicago.

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Vivian Olyphant as Willa in the series Justified 

Who Is Vivian Olyphant Dating?

Vivian Olyphant has spent most of her life in the media because of her parent’s fame. So, from a young age, she has understood the importance of privacy. Vivian has kept her private life away from the media. There is no mention of a boyfriend in her life. At the age of 20, Vivian is now focused on establishing her career. She spends most of her time with her family and friends. Maybe in the upcoming days, when she gets comfortable with the idea of making her love life public, she might reveal the name of her partner.

How Much Is Vivian Olyphant’s Net Worth?

Vivian Olyphant’s net worth is estimated to be around $300K. She has recently entered the show business and her TV shows have been a success. The series Justified: City Primeval has an 8.8 star ranking out of 10 on IMDB. However, as per the wiki her father, Timothy has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

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Vivian still benefits from her father’s income but now that she has entered the industry, in the coming year, she will for sure earn more. Vivian’s fame is rising and with such fame, she can benefit to increase her earnings such as by endorsing and promoting several brands. Vivian is also a fashion icon and owns a collection of branded clothes. Vivian has also appeared on several magazine covers.

How Tall Is Vivian Olyphant?

Vivian Olyphant has an average height and weight but the exact number is not yet mentioned. Looking at her social media handles, Vivian seems a fitness enthusiast who follows a healthy diet to maintain her fitness. Vivian’s physical appearance consists of blonde color hair which she often dyes into dark brown color and blue-colored eyes.

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