Hunter Doohan
Hunter Doohan (Image source: Hunter's Instagram)

Hunter Doohan, born on January 19, 1994, in Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA, is a multitalented individual who is active in the American film industry as an actor, director, model, television personality, and screenwriter. He is mostly known for his amazing acting skills. He was interested in acting since childhood and used to take part in school dramas.

Similarly, while he was studying in high school he performed at a local community theatre to shape his acting skills. Later, he began his acting career in the 2012 short movie Lost Pursuit in the role of Dreamer. After that, Hunter began appearing in many movies and TV series. His recent TV series as of 2022 is Wednesday.

No, Hunter Doohan isn’t related to James Doohan. People get confused about whether these two personalities are related to one another since they share the same last name. In addition to this, Hunter's IMDB page wasn't up to date and James had many children, and these facts led to rumors that the two celebrities were related.

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Hunter Doohan

However, all the rumors and speculations fell into place after Hunter's father's details became public. Despite the fact that they have the same last name, they are not connected to one another either by blood or in any other manner. The only common thing between them is that they are both actors by profession. Other than that there aren’t any similarities between them. Moreover, James Doohan is a Canadian citizen while Hunter Doohan belongs to American nationality. Hunter started his acting career after James left the world.

Hunter Doohan Parents & Family

Hunter Doohan is the son of Peter Doohan and Angie Happer Carmicheal. His father, Peter Doohan was a professional tennis player and also used to work as a tour guide. His mother, Angie Happer Carmicheal works as a weight loss consultant at Metabolic Research Center. He has one older brother whose name is John Doohan. Similarly, after his parent's separation, he lived with his father and older brother.

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His father taught both the Doohan brothers to play tennis player. Later, Hunter pursued his career in acting while his brother pursued his career in tennis. His brother John currently plays for Ozark Tennis Academy. He is very close with his father and brother and loves them dearly. However, his father passed away in 2017 due to Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) disease. It was a huge shock for him. After the death of his dad, Hunter's elder brother became his fatherly figure who took care of him. 

Hunter Doohan

Similarly, during his interview with Award Focus, Hunter explained his connection to the character Adam from the television program Your Honor, who lost his mother like he did his father. He misses his father every single day and even posts old good memories with him on his social media platforms. 

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