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Being an actor has been a dream of many, especially in this 21st era where the power of media has captivated the attention of most of the population. To be an actor one has to be born with this talent of presenting oneself to the world or train accordingly to captivate others of thinking that your on-screen character is part of real life. 

Chris Pine is an aspiring actor who has been in an acting career for a while and has presented his talent to the world by playing many roles and proving himself as a wonderful actor.

How Old Is Chris Pine?

Chris Pine is an American actor whose age is now 43 years he was born on 26th August 1980; in Los Angeles, California, the United States to parents who are also an actor by profession his father Robert Pine, and his mother Gwynne Gilford. His sister Katherine Pine is also an actress by profession. He doesn't have any other siblings besides his sister. His maternal grandfather Max M. Gilford, was president of the holly bar Association by his profession and his grandmother Anne Gwynne was an actress by her profession. He belongs to Russian-Jewish, English, German, Welsh, and French ethnicities. He is an American by his nationality and his zodiac sign is Virgo.

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Chris Pine with his parents.

From Where Did Chris Pine Graduate?

As Chris was born in LA, He eventually attended Oakwood School in the San Fernando Valley there. Later on, attended the University of California, Berkeley to study English he received his bachelor’s degree there, and during that time he exchanged and studied one year at the University of Leeds back in England and he also studied acting at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

When Did Chris Pine Start His Career?

Soon after he finished his study in acting he began his career and made his feature film debut along with Anne Hathaway in ‘The Princess Diaries 2’ back in 2004 then, in the following years he was seen in many movies and television series including ‘Six Feet Under’ back in 2005, ‘Surrender’, ‘Just My Luck, ‘Blind Dating’, ‘Smokin Aces’, ‘The Atheist’,  and back in 2007 he was in play ‘Fat Pig’ which received the positive reviews for his depiction of a competitive, alpha-male friend. And continuing his work this is when he started to get more recognition in his career he was in the films ‘Adaption of White Jazz’, ‘Star Trek’ back in 2009, ‘Saturday Night Live, ‘Farragut North’, ‘The Lieutenant back in 2010 for which he even received an award of Drama Critics Circle’s lead appearance award.

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Again continuing he was again seen in various movies and TV series like ‘Unstoppable’ and he was even named by the Hollywood Reporter as one of the young actors who are ‘Pushing or being pushed into taking over Hollywood as the new ‘A-List’ actor. He has also played in ‘The Captains, ‘This Means War, ‘Rise of the Guardian’, ‘And People Like Us, and he was seen in the reprised role of Captain Kirk in the sequel of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness back in 2013. He has also starred in ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and he was the fourth actor to play the role which was released back in 2014.

He was also seen making a guest appearance in Netflix’s ‘Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp’ and he also lent his voice to ‘Super Mansion back in 2015. The following year he was seen in many projects including ‘Hell or High Water’, ‘And Star Trek Beyond back in 2016 he also received Primetime Emmy Award nominations for outstanding character voice-over performance for his work in ‘Super Mansion’ and the same year he was featured on singer Barbara Streisand album.

Chris Pine with his co-star of Wonder Woman Gal Gadot.

According to the wiki, continuing his work he was featured in ‘Wonder Woman’ opposite Gal Gadot which was released back in 2017 and received many positive reviews following great work in Wonder Woman.He was seen playing many roles in projects like ‘Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, narrated the season two finale episode of ‘National Geographic’s Breakthrough’, A Wrinkle in Time, he voiced a version of Peter Parker in the animated film ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’, ‘Star Trek’ fourth film, ‘I am the Night’, ‘The Princess Bride, ‘Wonder Woman sequel’, ‘Film Adaption’, ‘The Contractor’, ‘Don’t worry darling’ and poolman till this year 2022 he has appeared in many projects mentioned above.

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Not only in acting he was also interested in political views and even called himself a ‘Left-leaning liberal’. During the presidential campaign, he along with his fellow co-stars of Star Treck endorsed a movement called Treck against Trump and he even released a video encouraging people to vote for upcoming elections he supported now President Joe Biden in the presidential campaign back in 2020.

Is Chris Pine Married?

Chris Pine is yet to get married but previously he has been tangled in many relationships he was seen dating Beau Garret for 1 year back in 2008 and then he was in a relationship with Dominique Piek for 2 years and then he dated Iris Bjork Johannesdottir for one year back in 2013 and again he began dating Zoe Kravtiz back in 2014 who is also an actress by her profession and daughter of musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet. Then after he started having a fling with Samira Mighty back in 2016 who is also a contestant on the Show Love Island’ and it was stated by her back in 2018 that he started dating Sofia Boutella in early 2017, the rumour started when both stars were seen together in the music festival ‘Coachella’ together and it was a brief rumour.

Again in the year 2018, he and the actress Annabelle Wallis were rumoured to be dating and the couple is famously private about their relationship. They didn’t make it public. They were seen wearing matching looks while spotted hand in hand in London back in 2018. Although they never confirmed their relationship recently, it was reported by media that the couple has called it quits after almost dating for 4 years. it’s not clear about their split but the couple has not been spotted together for quite a month. And now he is single and we hope to see him together with the girl he wants to be and hopefully getting married one day and having children and a wife and starting his own family.

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What Is the Total Net Worth Of Chris Pine?

Chris Pine is a very influential actor who has been seen in many wonderful projects which have captivated viewer’s eyes and he has earned the will to support his daily life through his main occupation which is being an actor and evaluating his total net worth is said to be $35 million which may include his earnings from his side business as well.

How Tall Is Chris Pine?

Chris Pine is a very handsome man who has been in the industry for quite a while and talking about his looks we all know that god has their favourites his height is 6ft 1inches and his weight is supposedly 79 kg and his waist size is 31 inches and he has very mesmerizing eyes which are Blue in colour and his hair is brown in colour.

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