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Entrepreneurs are the backbone of every developed and developing country. They have been contributing to the nation’s economy by solving the problems of its common people. They open doors to several employment opportunities with their companies. Today we are going to talk about an entrepreneur who has made several innovations including Google, then known as BackRub. His innovation, Google has become one of the most used internet explorers.

Scott Hassan is an American computer programmer and entrepreneur who was the main programmer of the original Google Search engine back then known as BackRub. Scott is now a well-known American entrepreneur, CEO of Suitable Technologies, Founder of Willo Garage Robotics company, and Founder of eGroups from Palo Alto.

Who Are Scott Hassan’s Parents?

On August 10, 1973, Scott Hassan was born to his parents in San Francisco, California. His parents have not revealed their names but we know that his father is also a businessman and his mother is a housewife. Scott was born into a family of three with siblings. Scott is Catholic Christian and is of white European ethnicity.

He went to Blaboa High School and later enrolled at the University at Buffalo and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. In 1992, Scott joined Washington University and completed his Master of Science with an MS Degree in Computer Science.

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What Is Scott Hassan Famous For?

Scott Hassan is a prominent figure in the field of technology and entrepreneurship. He is famous for being the main programmer of BackRub now known as Google. Under Scott’s guidance, Willow Garage created the PR2 robot which also became a significant milestone in the advancement of robotic technology. Scott is also a founder of FindMail which was later named that was bought by Yahoo! and then became Yahoo! Groups.

Who Is Scott Hassan Married To?

Scott Hassan is currently in the term of ending his marriage. He was married to consultant and web developer Allison Huynh in 2001 at Little White Chapel in Los Angeles. Scott met his former wife Allison in 2000 through a mutual friend in Stanford.

Allison is a senior research fellow at Stanford University’s Robotics Laboratory. Allison is an emigrant from Vietnam to the USA after the war. They were together for seven years and had three children but in 2014, Hassan sent a text message to his wife that their marriage was over and that he was moving out of their home.

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Still, after Nine years, the couple is locked in Litigation over how to divide an estate with tech investments which are now worth to be billions of dollars. During one of his court visits, Scott disclosed that he made a failed attempt to persuade Allison to sign a so-called postnuptial agreement and admission that he started a website in her name to publicly embarrass information from her past.

Scott Hassan and Allison Huynh

While several technological tycoons have divorced quietly behind the doors, Scott and Allison are still heated to court in Santa Clara County, California. Allison accused Scott of engaging in divorce terrorism and had planned to ‘bury her’ and make sure that she ‘gets nothing’.

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How Much Is Scott Hassan’s Net Worth?

As per the wiki, Scott Hassan has an estimated net worth of $1 billion US Dollars with his primary source of income being the salary earned as an entrepreneur and a successful businessman. Scott is the main programmer of the original Google Search engine earlier known as BackRub. Scott is the founder of the company called FindMail later renamed to, an email list management website that was later bought by Yahoo! for $432 million in a stock deal. Scott lives in the wealthiest community, Silicon Valley. He has a hobby of collecting expensive cars which he keeps in his house. Scott is also the founder of an open-source robotics middleware suite called Robot Operating System.

How Tall Is Scott Hassan?

Scott Hassan has a towering height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs around 70 kg at the age of 50. He is a silicon tycoon and has great value for his health and fitness. He consumes only organic foods and prefers to exercise when possible. Scott’s physical appearance consists of hazel-colored eyes and brown colored short hair.

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