Demetrious Johnson
Demetrious Johnson with his wife Destiny Bartels. (Image Source: Demetrious’s Instagram)

Demetrious Johnson is an American Mixed Martial artist who holds the record of the latest finish in the UFC at 4;59 submissions win against Kyoji Horiguchi. In the history of the UFC flyweight division, he has scored the most takedowns. The only UFC fighter with ten takedowns in three different fights is Demetrious. He has many accolades in his name, including the highest number of finishes in UFC flyweight in history with 7. Demetrious attended Washington High School, where he excelled in wrestling and track.

Demetrious even received a scholarship for his wrestling but would have to leave his family behind. He did not accept the offer, instead enrolled in Pierce college for two years and worked part-time to support himself. With a dedication to becoming a wrestler, he carried on his journey and today is one of the greatest wrestlers with numerous records in his name.

Is Demetrious Johnson Married?

Demetrious Johnson is a married man and father to three kids. He married his longtime girlfriend, Destiny Bartels, in a destination wedding in Hawaii in May 2012. He is very grateful for his partner, who has helped him through his tough past and move on. They met in 2006 when Demetrious was an amateur fighter in Washington State. Demetrious was raised by a deaf mother and an abusive stepfather, so he always searched for the love to move on from his past, which he got in the form of his supportive wife.

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Demetrious Johnson celebrating their 16th anniversary with his wife

Demetrious and Destiny have a family of five, with two sons and a daughter; the first boy was born in 2013 named Tyron Johnson, and the second son was born in 2015, named Maverick Johnson. Their daughter Taylore Johnson was born in August 2018. Demetrious adores and is proud of his wife; he often shares glimpses into his perfect life on his social media handles.

Demetrious Johnson with his wife and kids

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How Tall Is Demetrious Johnson’s Wife?

Destiny Bartels, the wife of Demetrious Johnson, has a height of 5 feet and 3 inches. She was born on May 3, 1987, to her father, Marin, and two siblings. Destiny has a brother named Cody Bartels and a sister. She went to the college as her husband, Pierce College, and simultaneously worked as a bartender at Red Lobster. Destiny worked as a closing assistant for Fidelity Escrow and later joined Washington Virtual Academy as a K8 registration specialist. Now, Destiny is mostly recognized because of her husband’s fame, and she often talks in interviews about how dedicated her husband is.

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