Dustin Lynch
Dustin Lynch (Photo Source: Dustin's Instagram)

Dustin Lynch is an American country music singer who has also accomplished as a songwriter. Since signing with Broken Bow Records, Dustin has recorded seventeen singles, four albums, and one EP. Before a contract under Broken Bow Records, Dustin was signed under Valory Music Group but changed to Broken after one of Valory's executives decided to switch labels. Until now, he has won 6 awards for his unique music vocation.

Initially, Dustin started his interest in music by playing guitar at the age of 8 or 9, abandoning it, and again picking it up at the age of fifteen. Thriving in his professional life, many people are curious about Dustin Lynch's life, especially about his personal life. In addition, many people want to know whether Lynch has any kids or not. Thus, let's take a quick stroll regarding his personal life.

Does Dustin Lynch Have Children?

Dustin Lynch, the favorite country artist who is now 36 years old, has had several partnerships, just like any other individual. Although Dustin prefers to keep his personal life hidden from the media, claiming that he is too focused on his job and hasn't considered being in a committed relationship, his first girlfriend, Amanda Mertz, made it official through her Instagram posts. Dustin has dated some celebrities, including Amanda, a former Miss Kentucky USA. Kelly Osbourne was one of the musician's rumored girlfriends, which was contentious because Dustin rejected the claims. However, Kelly wrote suspicious things like the boyfriend, celebrating an anniversary, etc.

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Dustin Lynch

Nonetheless, the singer and songwriter Dustin Lynch is unmarried for the time being, having recently broken up with his model girlfriend, Kelli Seymour. According to the sources, Dustin was never married and had no kids. Also, because Dustin's pair with MacKenzie Porter in their new track, "Thinking About You," has received a lot of attention from fans and is performing well in the music charts, Lynch may not consider starting a family for the time being because he is so busy traveling.

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Dustin Lynch

However, if Dustin has a child shortly, he will undoubtedly be a fantastic father due to his down-to-earth demeanor and he is good with kids. Plus, he is very much liked by his niece and nephew, so he will surely make a strong bond with his child if he has any. Not to add, Lynch did not have a wealthy upbringing or many chances as a youngster, so he would undoubtedly offer all the love and privilege to his children that he lacked as a child.

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