Colman Domingo
Colman Domingo (Photo Source: Colman's Instagram)

Colman Domingo is an American actor widely known for portraying the role of Mr. Bones in the 2011 Broadway Musical, The Scottsboro Boys. Some of his notable roles include AMC’s horror drama TV series, as Victor Strand and as Ali in the HBO teen drama series, Euphoria which is based on a mini-series of the same name. Apart from that, Colman is an accomplished writer, stage performer, and director as well.

In the same way, Domingo has established himself as an accomplished actor with more than 60 acting credits under his name and has earned prestigious accolades like the 2008 Performance in Obie Award, Outstanding Solo Show in 2010 Lucille Lortel Award, 2015 Black Reel Award for Best Ensemble, and so on. Likewise, thriving in his professional life, people often wonder about the dating life of the actor. Thus, without delay, let’s take a quick look at his personal life of Colman.

Is Colman Domingo Married?

Initially, Colman Domingo was different than other teenage boys of his age who were constantly involved in fights, wanted to work out, etc. Hence, when the actor’s brother took him to a strip club as his 21st birthday gift, while many guys would have liked it, Domingo was uncomfortable and knew his true self, due to which he confessed to his brother on the very same day. Similarly, after going on his life for some time, his sister soon found out about him being gay through his brother and he decided to confront the rest of the family himself.

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Colman Domingo

To his expectations, Domingo was accepted by his family with open hands and the confidence led Colman to be transparent about himself from the start of his career. So, Domingo was frank about his sexuality since he step his foot into the entertainment industry.

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On the other hand, the actor made headlines in 2014, for his fairy-tale love and marriage with his long-term boyfriend, Raul Aktanov. The duo had a small wedding with a few family and friends. Not to mention, "Welcome to our wedding!" the couple said as they welcomed their guests inside the ceremony disguised as a home party.

Who Is Colman Domingo’s Husband?

After meeting a guy with long dark hair, a lip piercing, and ‘these eyes’ while walking into a local Walgreens in Berkeley, California, Colman instantly fell head-over-heels for his new partner, Raul Aktanov. As per the age, Aktanov is 11 years younger than Colman, but it never stopped them to communicate through Craiglist and dating each other.

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Colman Domingo

According to the media sources, Raul previously worked as an assistant costume designer for various production houses and he isn’t much active on social media, making it difficult to find further information about him. Moreover, Colman also rarely shares photos with his spouse on his social media handles. Likewise, it has been more than a decade since the duo has been together in a romantic relationship.

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