Maureen Dowd
Maureen Dowd (Image Source: Maureen’s Instagram)

A writer is someone who can make you feel like you have lived a thousand lives and can live a thousand more. The Power of literature and Storytelling can immortalize experiences and emotions allowing readers to transcend the boundaries of time and live through various narratives.

Similarly, we are going to discuss the life of a famous writer and author, Maureen Dowd. Maureen Brigid Dowd is an American columnist for The New York Times and an author. In 1999, Maureen also received a Pulitzer Prize for her series of columns on the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal.

Who Are Maureen Dowd’s Parents?

On January 14, 1952, Maureen Dowd was born to Mike Dowd and Margaret “Peggy” Nee Meenehan in Washington, D.C., U.S. Her father worked as a Washington, DC, police inspector, and her mother is a housewife. Maureen’s mother Peggy died in 2005 at the age of 97. Whenever the reporters asked for advice, she would often reply by saying to get on the front page a lot and using the word ‘allegedly’ a lot.

Maureen Dowd

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Her parents were always supportive of her ideas and beliefs as an author. Maureen’s parents raised five kids and all of them grew close-knit together. They fulfilled all the parental duties and sent Maureen to the best school they could afford at that time. Maureen graduated from Immaculata High School in 1969 and later she got enrolled at the Catholic University of America.

Does Maureen Dowd Have Siblings?

Maureen Dowd was born into a family of seven with four siblings. She is the youngest of five children and only the names of two siblings are revealed, Kevin Dowd and Peggy Dowd. Her brother, Kevin Dowd is a Republican who is known for occasionally invading his sister’s column space to hurl slabs of red meat at her defenseless readers. In an interview with CBS News, Maureen talks about her siblings and their view in her columns. Her older sister, Peggy is one of the best critics who is ready to read the comments on her columns. All the siblings have a great influence on each other whether on their beliefs or their ideologies. 

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Maureen Dowd at Columbia University Graduation

Peggy said that No one better say anything to me about Maureen, after reading the comments she sometimes gets very angry. Whereas her brother, Kevin loves to read comments on his columns and revealed that he keeps a scrapbook of them. In Kevin’s recent column written on 1 Jan 2022, He talked about Trump’s presidency and the changes required to battle the current situation in America. All five siblings love to spend quality time together since childhood and discuss matters that they believe in.

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