Sarah Wright Olsen
Sarah Wright Olsen (Photo Source: Sarah's Instagram)

Sarah Wright is a talented actress who has appeared in a wide variety of films and television shows. She is known for her comedic timing and her ability to play both likeable and complex characters.

She was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1983 and began her acting career at a young age. Sarah was discovered by organizers of the Mossimo model search contest. Here learn about her earnings, house and more. 

What Is Sarah Wright Net Worth?

Sarah Wright started as a model just at the age of 14 and she has been active in the entertainment industry since 1998 with a minor role in the comedy film Enchanted. At the age of 18, Sarah moved to Chicago and adopted a sort of middle-American accent. Later when she booked a TV show out in L.A. she had to work on getting rid of that drawl that she had.

As an actress Sarah Wright’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million whereas her husband Eric Christian Olsen who is also an actor has a net worth of about $13 million. So, together the duo have a net worth of about $19 million.

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Sarah and her family

The family of five reside in a house with a beautifully decorated outdoor space which includes an outdoor sofa, chairs, table, rugs and a garden. 

Additionally, Sarah is also the co-owner of a plant-based organic mummy/baby skincare line named Beao which was founded in 2010.

Moreover, Sarah is also a co-writer of a book named “Zen Mamas” which is about finding the path through pregnancy, birth and beyond. She is also the author of the children's book named Happiness Is The Journey. 

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What Is Sarah Wright Famous For?

American actress Sarah Wright is known for her work in both movies and TV series. Her notable work includes the 2010’s series “Parks and Recreation” where she appeared in a recurring role as Millicent Gergich, the daughter of Jerry Gergich.

She also starred as Connie Grabowski in the short-lived romantic comedy television series "Mad Love."

Likewise, her role as Nicole in the comedy film "21 & Over" was also loved by many. The film revolves around a wild night of celebration for a young man's 21st birthday. 

Her character Denise of 2014’s Walk of Shame also received quite positive reviews. The film follows the main character's misadventures after a one-night stand, with Sarah Wright's character providing assistance.

Sarah Wright starred as Lucy Seal in "American Made" (2017), a biographical crime film. The movie centres around a pilot who becomes involved in drug smuggling for the CIA. Lucy Seal is the wife of the main character, portrayed by Tom Cruise.

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In 2020, Wright starred in the Netflix drama series Spinning Out. She played Mandy Davis, a former figure skater who is trying to make a comeback after a career-ending injury.

Her other notable performances include in the series Lady Dynamite, and Home Economics.

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