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Michelle Miller is an American national journalist who works as a co-host of CBS Saturday Morning for CBS News. Miller has previously worked with some of America's top broadcasting stations, including Nightline, the Los Angeles Times, and Orange Country Newschannel, to name a few. Furthermore, Michelle has amassed many awards and distinctions throughout her illustrious career. Among her, numerous accomplishments are the Edward R. Murrow award, Woman of the Year, etc.

Michelle Miller is blissfully married to her long-term lover, Marc Morial, President and CEO of the National Urban League and former mayor of New Orleans. Mason (boy) and Margeaux (daughter) are the couple's two children. Nonetheless, have you ever wondered who Michelle Miller's parents are? So without further ado, let's look at Michelle's family.

Who Are Michelle Miller Parents?

On December 8, 1967, Michelle Miller was born in Los Angeles, California as the daughter of her father, Dr. Ross Miller, and her mother, Mrs. Miller. As for the ethnic background of Michelle Miller, she falls under a mixed group as her late father, Dr. Ross Miller, was black and her mother was white Caucasian.

Speaking about Michelle Miller parents, on June 5, 1986, her dad became the first physician to attend the Robert F. Kennedy after his demise. Her mother worked as a white administrator at the same hospital as her father.

Her parents had a long-standing relationship for seven years. 

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Michelle Miller

On the other hand, Miller lately spoke out on TV in July 2020 about a difficult portion of her family's history owing to bigotry. Mrs. Miller, Michelle's mom, did not receive her parents' consent to marry Dr. Ross Miller because of his skin color. Unfortunately, such issues resulted in Mrs. Miller being pregnant before her marriage.

As a child, Michelle was explained that her mom left her and her family did not talk much about the topic.

It wasn't until Michelle had her own children, that it started to creep in a way this need for acknowledgement because it was her kids now who were being deprived of the knowledge of their ancestry.

Michelle has also shared her painful family history in her memoir "Belonging". The tale in the book really takes you through the evolution of how Michelle felt about her mother and in her absence as a child through her adolescence and then as an adult and having her own children.  

She wrote, 

"As a motherless child, I had learned that identity is shaped as much by those who are absent in our lives as those who stand by our side"

Michelle learned how much race played a role in her mother's abandonment not until Elementary school. She was from South Central Los Angeles and everyone around her was a nuclear family so, being a child who went to school with her grandmother and her father present but no mom was where the question actually started.

Through her memoir, Michelle has explained how we can have a roof over our heads, loving people in our life, and food on our table, but still because of this absence have a sense of loss that creeps into the corners of your lives.

Michelle had lived with her aunt in Alabama and afterward with her grandmother in South Central since she was a toddler. Miller was forced to grow up without interaction with her mother due to racism.

They initially communicated in the early 1990s, when her father was ill with cancer, but only on rare occasions. As a result, no one knows where Miller's mother is or what she is doing for the time being.

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Who Are Siblings Of Michelle Miller?

According to the reports, Michelle Miller's birth was unplanned, and a major issue such as racism caused her family to live separately. Despite growing up with her aunt Edna, who died in 2020 due to old age, the reporter eventually formed tight bonds with her other five siblings, who included two sisters, Cheryl and Kris-Anne, and three brothers, Jason, Ross, and Jonathan.

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Michelle Miller

Unlike Michelle, her siblings are supposed to live a normal life away from the spotlight. Also, while Maria Ortiz Miller is believed to be Dr. Ross Miller's wife, it is unknown whether Michelle is Maria's biological mother.

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