Travis Fimmel
Travis Fimmel (Photo Source: Travis's Instagram)

The Vikings star Travis Fimmel needs no introduction. The Australian model and former model Travis was born on July 15, 1979, in Echuca, Victoria, Australia. He initially rose to prominence in 2002 as the face of Calvin Klein's men's underwear campaign.

Active in the glitzy world of Hollywood, where fame and fortune often seem to shape destinies, Travis Fimmel is one such individual who carries with him a remarkable story of sibling love that defies the odds. Beyond the spotlight and red carpets, lies the narrative of brotherhood that Travis shares with his brothers.

How Many Brothers Does Travis Fimmel Have?

Travis Fimmel has two elder brothers and is the youngest son of his parents, Jennie and Chris Fimmel. His mom Jennie was a recreation officer for the disabled while his dad Chris was a cattle farmer. The Fimmel brothers grew up in a 2000-hectare farm about 40 kilometres from the picturesque river town of Echuca, in Victoria. 

The youngest of 3 brothers, Travis enjoyed a picturesque childhood, waking up early to milk the cows, catching the school bus, and spending weekends fishing and exploring the property on his trail bike.

Furthermore, his dad always quoted the Fimmel brothers,

"Believe in ourselves, but not to think we're anything special"

As Travis ventured into acting, his family supported and showered him with love. 

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While Travis took the world by storm, his brothers found solace in their pursuits, always cheering each other on from the sidelines. Despite the geographical distances that Hollywood often imposes, their brotherhood remained steadfast. 

In a world that often prioritizes personal achievements, their story serves as a reminder that success is more meaningful when it's shared with those who have been with us since the beginning. 

What Does Travis Fimmel Brothers Do?

While most of the kids tend to follow the career path of their parents, the Fimmel brothers have opted to pursue different paths. As none of the boys are involved in the family farms, his parents have sold the cows and the farms.

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Farming started with his grandfather with a really little farm. Later his father and uncle kept expanding and getting more farms. His grandmother also worked in farms and milked the cows even at the age of 85.

Both of his brothers, work in the mines of Western Australia. Furthermore, both of his siblings are happily married and are blessed with 2 kids each.

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