Yanet Garcia
Yanet Garcia (Photo Source: Yanet's Instagram)

Yanet García, often referred to as the "World's Hottest Weather Girl," gained international recognition for her captivating looks and role as a weather presenter. Born on November 14, 1990, in Monterrey, Mexico, García initially pursued a career in modelling before transitioning into television.

She rose to prominence when her appearances on the Mexican morning news program "Televisa Monterrey" caught the attention of international audiences. Her combination of beauty and meteorological expertise led to widespread recognition and a significant social media following.

Who Is Yanet Garcia Dating?

Although Yanet Garcia has been open about her past relationships on her social media, she now has been private about it. 

In spite of García's prominent presence in the media, she appears to maintain a level of privacy concerning her personal life, particularly regarding her romantic involvements. While there has been considerable speculation surrounding her dating experiences, she has refrained from making any public declarations regarding her current relationship status. 

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Although her fans are in search of her relationship hint through her Instagram account but presently there is no post suggesting her dating life. 

Instead, her Instagram feed predominantly features images and videos documenting her day-to-day activities, encompassing her fitness routines, travels, and professional commitments.

So, as of now, Yanet Garcia is supposedly single. 

Yanet Garcia and Lewis Howes

Yanet Garcia was previously in a relationship with entrepreneur, Lewis Howes. The pair began dating in 2019 and often used to share their pictures together on their social media. Although the pair were given major relationship goals, they eventually split in about 2 years. 

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Yanet Garcia Birthday

The reason behind their breakup is unclear but both seem to be very content on their own life. Moreover, Lewis is now in a relationship with Mexican actress Martha Higareda whom he first met on 7th June 2021. 

Yanet Garcia and FaZe Censor

Yanet's relationship with professional video gamer and YouTuber  Douglas Martin aka “FaZe Censor.” The duo dated for nearly 3 years before calling it a quit. Yanet and her former boyfriend FaZe even lived together for over a year in New York City and were a typical YouTube couple. 

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Yanet Garcia dating

Their relationship supposedly started falling apart after Yanet relocated to Mexico to work as a weather reporter and pursue her dream career of being an actress and model.

The duo broke up in July 2018. FaZe announced the breakup on YouTube where he revealed that although he wants to settle down and have babies, his priority at that moment was to compete in “Call of Duty.” Yanet also took Twitter to express heartbroken after their breakup.

Yanet Garcia breakup

After their breakup, Douglas faced a backlash for dumping such an attractie and internally beloved woman for focusing on playing Call Of Duty Full Time. However, later Douglas shared that there were other reasons behind their breakup. 

Douglas allegedly pulled the plug on their 3 year relationship claiming that there was much of a financial problem. Although Douglas was financially supporting her at that time, she even wanted to get percentage of what he was making through YouTube.

Later, Yanet also cleared the claim that a part of the reason for their breaup was due to conflicts over YouTube’s revenue. She shared that she had worked to become financially independenr and did not rely on anyone to build her blossoming career. She further added that her former partner wanted to monetize their love by vlogging their relationship.

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