Brittney Griner
Brittney Griner (Image Source: Brittney's Instagram)

Brittney Griner is a recognized and well-accomplished professional basketball player who is one of the 11th women who have an Olympic gold medal. Brittney was a player for the phoenix mercury for the Women’s National Basketball Association. She is an outstanding player and was named as No. 1 high school women’s basketball player of the Nation by in 2009. Brittney was born to Raymond Griner and Sandra Griner in Houston.

Recently, Brittney’s life was turned upside down, Brittney was the center of the sports news and had a huge controversy around her. While her game in Russia, Brittney was arrested by the Russian establishments on drug charges and was detained at Sheremetyevo International Airport when she was found carrying a vaporizer containing hash oil and Cannabis which is illegal in Russia. For her felony, she got sentenced to nine years of jail time on the 4th of august 2022. 

How Tall Are Brittney Griner’s Parents?

Brittney Griner’s father Raymond Grier is a disciplined person and has served as a deputy sheriff in the Marine Corps for two tours in Vietnam. Raymond and Brittney share the same height but have just slightly different, He has a height of 6ft & 2 inches. Due to his profession, he was a strict father to his kids, taught them every military-related thing since their childhood.

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Brittney Griner as a Baby

She had a complicated relationship with her father, because of Brittney’s sexuality, Raymond was not joyed by the news that Brittney was Lesbian at first but now they are on great terms. Her father is a religious person which was a reason why he was so against her sexuality. Brittney’s mother is a caring and supportive woman, she is the mother of four kids. Nothing is revealed about her mother’s profession or her height but as seen in pictures, Brittney’s mother while standing cover her daughter up to the shoulder. Both Brittney’s parents were great support during her trial in Russia for a drug felony.

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Who Are Brittney Griner’s Siblings?

Brittney Griner has a large family that consists of six people, her parents, and three siblings. Brittney is close to her siblings due to less difference in age between them and they have been for her when she announced about her sexuality. Britney has two sisters named Shkera Griner and Pier Griner and a brother Declaro Griner.

Brittney Griner with her family, aunts, and her cousin

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They fought with Brittney when she was detained in Russia and attended all her trials until she was convicted and sent to jail. Except for their names, nothing is revealed on the internet. There is no information about Brittney Griner siblings height or their jobs or profession. As of now, Brittney is released from Russian detention on 8th December 2022, when President Biden agreed from a prior swap involving Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout.

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