Cherelle Griner
Cherelle Griner (Image Source: Cherelle’s Instagram)

Brittney Yevette Griner has become a known name in the household, a professional basketball player who has been arrested for smuggling charges in Russia. All the Americans and basketball fans have been praying and wishing for the Russian government to release Brittney from prison. Brittney is a player for the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA and is a two times Olympic gold medalist.

Among all the people, Brittney’s wife, Cherelle Griner, has been trying non-stop to get her released from Russia. and recently, on December 8, 2022, Brittany was released by Russia in a 1-for-1 prisoner swap. That day brought peace to many basketball fans and Brittney’s family members.

Who Is Cherelle Griner?

Brittney Griner identifies as a Lesbian and uses the pronouns she and her. She is married to Cherelle Griner, and their wedding took place in June 2019. Cherelle has a major in Political science and government and a minor in family and child studies from Baylor University, graduating in 2014. Later she joined the North Carolina Central University of Law and shared her accomplishment with the world on her Instagram handle. She works as a full-time teacher at a public school called Uplift Education. The couple met while studying at Baylor University and then a year later got engaged. The couple has not yet tried or talked about having a newborn in their life yet. However, there is no other detailed information about her bio. 

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Cherelle Griner with wife Brittney Griner 

Cherelle was worried sick when Brittney got detained in Russia under drug smuggling charges and was sent to jail in February 2022. At the Moscow airport, Security found hashish oil vape cartridges in her bag. On the trial day, Brittaney pleaded guilty, saying she had no idea about breaking the law. And later appealed to President Joe Biden for help to bring her back home to America. After her release in December for the exchange of arms dealer Viktor Bout, Cherelle was relieved for her wife to return home and is one of the most significant supports in Brittney’s life.

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Cherelle Griner with president Joe Biden    

How Tall Is Brittney Griner’s Wife?

As per the wiki, Cherelle Griner's height is 5 feet & 6 inches, and she weighs around 67kg at the age of 29. She has a well-maintained physique with dark brown hair and same-colored eyes. Cherelle has been constantly worried after Brittney’s detention and sentence in Russia for Smuggling. Due to differences in Law regarding drugs in two different countries, Brittney unintentionally committed the crime of smuggling drugs in Russia, an oil vape cartridge.

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