Jackie DeAngelis
Jackie DeAngelis (Photo Source: Jackie's Instagram)

Journalism has long been an underestimated profession, one of today's most visible trends. Journalism is not viewed as an easy job throughout the world due to the effort involved. Some people consider that this job is tough, while others do not. Nonetheless, Jackie DeAngelis is one of the current journalists that has helped the public respect the discipline of journalism.

Jackie DeAngelis is a Fox Business Network business correspondent (FBN). Prior to reporting breaking news for Fox News, Jackie worked as the CNBC network's lead energy correspondent and anchor of an online commodities program for around 13 years. She is well-known for her coverage of news such as Geopolitics in the Middle East and 2005, Worldwide Exchange.

Who Is Jackie DeAngelis Married To?

Jackie DeAngelis is a sharp-witted personality; thus, she didn't divulge any details about her personal life, preferring to focus on her professional accomplishments. She likes to travel where her job requires her to. DeAngelis had her own set of rules, which meant she had little in common with her coworkers or other celebrities. As a result, she has never been the subject of a relationship rumor.

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Jackie DeAngelis

Jackie is already in her late twenties, which has prompted several of her admirers to inquire about her future partner or relationship. Jackie once addressed her marriage rumors by tweeting to one of her admirers in 2015 that she is still waiting for her future husband to place a ring on her finger, which is yet to be found. We will undoubtedly hear wonderful news when DeAngelis can meet the appropriate person who will support and care for her. Also, we hope we shall enjoy the bliss of her wedding.

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Despite the fact that Jackie's chosen occupation necessitates extensive media exposure, the correspondent herself maintains a low-key personal life. As a result, Jackie has never been embroiled in a controversy. Instead, she startled many of her well-wishers when they learned that DeAngelis would be diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer on June 17, 2021. Jackie explained to FOX Business that after being diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer, she was given two options: a lumpectomy, which would include radiation and chemotherapy, continual surveillance, or a mastectomy.

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Jackie DeAngelis

Jackie opted for a double mastectomy, and thankfully, the great medical team was able to spare the journalist from the dangerous disease on July 6, 2021. But, as many people know, a person can only feel pain if they have previously been in a comparable scenario. Similarly, DeAngelis has kept her voice quiet on cancer awareness campaigns following her recovery.

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