Toby Jones
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Toby Jones is an English actor famous for playing the lead character of Truman Capote in the 2006 film, called Infamous. Whereas many the people might also signify Toby for his minor roles in movies such as Naked, Les Miserables, Ever after, Finding Neverland, and Mrs. Henderson Presents, to name a few. The former alumni of the University of Manchester, Toby Jones first set his foot in the entertainment industry in 1992, through the role of Valet in the 1992 fantasy film, Orlando. Until today, he has been able to garner more than 100 acting credits under his name including those of his vocal performances, audiobooks, and theatrical works.

On the other hand, Toby Jones is referred to as one of Britain’s most respected actors has won the hearts of many people, but has also made people curious about his personal life. As per the sources rely on, Mr. Jones is happily married to his girlfriend of more than 25 years, Karen Jones who is a criminal defense attorney. Although only limited information has been obtained about the couple’s love past, the performer is often seen making public appearances with his wife. However, many people are also inquisitive about the duo’s kids, which we shall talk about today.

How Many Children Does Toby Jones Have?

The actor from “Worzel Gummidge”, Toby Jones who has been working in the entertainment industry for more than three decades now, is the father of two children. As a celebrity, Toby knows the do’s and don’ts and how it might affect the mental well-being of an individual if they receive overwhelming media and public attention. Hence, even if he makes public appearances with his spouse, as responsible parents, the Jones couple has preferred to keep their children out of the limelight.

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Toby Jones

Whilst Toby never misses an opportunity to talk about Karen, he rarely mentions his kids. Scarcely, in the 2013 interview with London Film Museum, as part of the London Evening Standard British Film Awards, the 55-year-old actor revealed that his children are not a fan of his films. Precisely, he said,

''If you could see the indifference on my children's faces when I get something like 'Harry Potter', 'Captain America'... They just look at me with complete indifference! Hopefully, in future years, they'll realise.''

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How Old Are Toby Jones’ Kids?

Toby Jones has two daughters, Madeline Jones and Holly Jones, whose exact date of birth hasn’t been revealed. Looking at the pictures, his eldest daughter has inherited features from her mother like curly brown hair, brown eyes, tallness, etc., whereas the youngest of the siblings looks the small version of her father.

Toby Jones

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The youngest Jones is comparatively small in height, has straight dark brown hair, wears glasses, etc. Although Toby’s daughters often accompany him on his movie premieres, award shows, red carpets, etc., only limited information has been available about them as the media outlets are unable to track their birthdays, school attended, and so on about the actor’s kids. In contrast, both Madeline and Holly are still believed to be minor and are living with their family in a corner of busy, multicultural Brixton, South London.

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