Maude Apatow
Maude Apatow (Photo Source: Maude's Instagram)

A few celebrities don't take their wealthy background for granted. So let's say a few celebrity kids try to work hard on their own to reach their dream without favoritism or any support from their parents. Among many such diligent personalities, Maude Apatow is one of them. 

Maude Apatow is an American actress widely known as the daughter of director and producer Judd Apatow and actress Leslie Mann. Also, Maude made her debut as a teenager in a movie directed by her father, Knocked Up, 2007, where she played the role of 'Sadie.' Furthermore, Apatow's most significant project includes "Euphoria," an HBO series which was first released in June of 2019. Alongside her acting credits, Maude's fans are always willing to know about her life behind the camera especially her dating life. So, without delay let's find out who Maude is dating now and also about her previous relationship.

Who Is Maude Apatow Dating?

As far as the sources rely on, the actress of the 2019 hit series, Euphoria, Maude Apatow is single. She isn't interested in being in a committed relationship with anyone at the moment and rather prefers to focus on her career and future goals. However, the beautiful actress was once in a relationship with her now ex-boyfriend, Charlie Christie, a professional British talent manager who works at Interscope.

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Maude Apatow

The duo was first seen together in 2017, but it was only in April 2018 that they started dating officially. Charlie first came into the public's eyes after Maude posted a photo with him on Instagram on April 26, 2018. People couldn't help but wonder if they were together, judging from their closeness when they even shared an ice cream.

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Maude Apatow

Further, Charlie is an American talent manager who lives in London. He has fair skin, black hair, and blue-green eyes. Maude's boyfriend was even spotted having dinner with her family members on September 22, 2020, due to which the fans were curious as to when the couple would move on to another step of their relationship. However, the duo is suspected of having broken up in early 2021, and the reason for their separation is still unknown. Also, Charlie was said to have moved on when fans noticed him being close with a girl named Caroline Bell. 

Rumors Of Dating A New Partner

After the separation from Charlie, Maude was rarely linked with any of her co-actors and wasn't involved in any dating controversy. Until viewers started noticing the close relationship between Maude Apatow and Lukas Gage, an American actor known for his roles in The White Lotus, Euphoria, etc. Similarly, as we all know, people find it unusual for males and females to be just friends. Also, fans believed more in the rumors when both Lukas Gage and Maude posted many pictures with each other, spending quality time.

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Maude Apatow

Nevertheless, the public was somehow disappointed to know that neither of the party have officially confirmed their dating status. However, Lukas was previously with Emma Dumont, an American actress, and model. Lukas and Emma were supposed to be seeing each other since 2017. But that was also merely the speculations made by their fans. Furthermore, regarding Lukas and Maude's relationship, Maude posted a photo with Lukas after rumors and captioned it with "BFF" on her January 19, 2020, Instagram post.

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